7 Things Your Socks Reveal About You

7 Things Your Socks Reveal About You

Most people would consider socks to be one of the most under-appreciated clothing items out there, but you don’t have to be part of that majority anymore! With the launch of Philosockphy, a brand new sock subscription service, it’s time to finally start paying attention to your socks, and let them do all the talking for you. Whether you want them to reveal your personality, your style or even your life philosophy, these 7 things your socks tell people about you will help you choose what you wear each day with pride and confidence!

1) Sock subscriptions are a great idea

If you don’t want to worry about picking out socks for every day of your life, getting a sock subscription is a great way to ensure that you’ll never be without proper footwear. Whether you go with one of many different sock-of-the-month clubs or buy individual pairs on sale, making sure you have socks in rotation means that it’s less likely you’ll pair together two matching pairs.

2) Most people will send you an odd shaped pair of socks

We live in a weird world of socks. We never look at them, but we know what brands to get for our families. According to Philosockphy, people will often send you an odd shaped pair of socks as a gift if they don’t know you that well. Why? Because it’s an easy choice and they know they’ll fit, but they’re not quite as nice as someone who really knows your tastes would pick out. So while you might get a variety of sock shapes, never assume that means there wasn’t care put into picking them out; it was just less work and more affordable for the person sending them. Also, did you know there are sock subscriptions?

3) Or pink socks

Many people aren’t aware of their sock color, but it reveals a lot about your style. If you think pink socks are cool and wear them often, you’re probably creative and impulsive. But if you tend to avoid anything that’s even remotely feminine, or simply ignore your socks altogether, you may not have much personality. Then again, there is such a thing as being too conformist – wearing black socks with everything tells me that either you don’t care about details (that’s okay) or that you just buy whatever is on sale (not okay). I guess what I am saying is that everyone should pick up some fun colored socks and try ‘em out! Who knows?

4) Whoever invented sock of the month subscriptions was a genius

not only does it show that you care about keeping your feet warm and comfortable, but each month you get a special treat in your mailbox. What’s not to love? If socks are your thing (and let’s face it, they should be), then take that affinity one step further by matching up each day of your week with a different style sock. Not only will you look great, but research has shown that wearing particular colors can have an impact on how we act—making us happier or more alert (depending on which color we choose). How do your favorite socks say something about you? We want to know! Fill out our form and tell us which sock goes with what day of the week and what emotion it evokes in you.

5) The number of socks you wear can indicate your personality

Many people wear two socks, but there are exceptions. For example, according to sock of the month club Philosockphy, If you wear three socks, you are hardworking and productive. You like to work hard to get everything done. The sock company goes on to say if you wear a boot-cut sock with a low heel and no tights, then there is a possibility that you may be a bit of an old soul. If your socks are black and high-tops or have been worn for years, then it is apparent that Philosockphy believes these choices indicate someone who has traditional values and does not embrace change easily.

6) People still use them to send signals

A study from research firm Lifeway shows that people still use their socks to signal something about their personality or attitude, and they're more likely to do so now than they were 10 years ago. More than half of respondents (52 percent) say they like to wear novelty socks that send a message, compared with 41 percent in 2006. More than three-quarters of Gen Yers (78 percent) report wearing themed or fun socks, compared with 48 percent of millennials and 59 percent of baby boomers. Almost 40 percent wear athletic gear or company logoed apparel, which is nearly twice as much as in 2006 (21%). What messages are they sending?

7) Not everyone loves them though... (See Philosophy of Socks by Amalia Johnson)

Some of us just don’t care for socks. We think they're uncomfortable and unnecessary. We feel that wearing shoes without socks would be more comfortable, healthier, and/or cheaper (though there is some debate about that). But even if you aren't a fan of socks yourself, you can probably find some use for them, whether it's as coasters or dusting rags or one sock to wear in your shoes while you air out those smelly ones in a hot cycle. Put your thinking cap on and figure out how to repurpose these cottony things so that you won't be tempted to throw them away when they get old and gray. Perhaps there are ways for socks to work for everyone after all!