7 Things Your Socks Reveal About You

7 Things Your Socks Reveal About You

Most people would consider socks to be one of the most under-appreciated clothing items out there, but you don’t have to be part of that majority anymore! With the launch of Philosockphy, a brand new sock subscription service, it’s time to finally start paying attention to your socks, and let them do all the talking for you. Whether you want them to reveal your personality, your style or even your life philosophy, these 7 things your socks tell people about you will help you choose what you wear each day with pride and confidence!

1) The Calming, Inoffensive Type

Anyone who's ever spent time in a hospital knows that when you're lying in bed with stitches and an IV hooked up to your arm, wearing socks is a must. Hospitals are chilly, after all, so throwing on some socks—with cuffs if you can—is essential for anyone who wants to avoid cracked feet or chills. But even outside of medical emergencies, it's likely that many of us wouldn't hesitate to put on a pair of socks at any given moment. For example, there are those times when you've come home from work and your feet feel like two blocks of ice—socks go on.

2) The Easygoing, Funny Type

Are you that goofy guy in your friend group who cracks everyone up? Do people tend to describe you as relaxed, easygoing and carefree? Then get a pair of socks with a humorous saying on them—so your co-workers will know exactly what to expect when they talk to you. One great brand for wacky sayings is called Philosockphy. These socks are ideal for philosophical people because they feature funny sayings like Life without music would be a mistake and The cure for boredom is curiosity. The sock of each month club is perfect if you’re someone who loves getting new items every month—and it gives an excuse to try new things!

3) The Cool, Sophisticated Type

For those of you who like to look fashionable and always have a hint of style around, it might be time to invest in sock subscriptions. Finding these online is incredibly easy, whether you prefer men’s or women’s socks. There are even some sites that offer combo packs that let you choose between both. If that doesn’t float your boat, though, individual subscriptions are also available for either type. One of our favorite brands for men is Philosockphy – they specialize in high-quality socks (think compression-style) with an array of looks including athletic styles and casual wear as well as a variety of patterns and designs. For women, try a site called Knit Fix.

4) The Goofy Nerdy Guy

If you love fun socks, but hate having to think about them, then a sock subscription might be just for you. You can sign up for a sock of the month club or sign up as an ongoing donor and sock-gifts will show up at your door. When it comes to what you'll get in return, a lot of people worry about commitment. But think about it—as long as you don't cancel after one month (and we know that's not going to happen), then all your socks are guaranteed clean, because they're brand new! Just remember: if you have narrow feet and legs, skip extra-wide options like buffalo plaid. And never wear solid black socks with flip flops or sandals! Trust us on that one.

5) The Stylish Dresser

If you’re looking for a new pair of socks, you may be thinking about searching on Google or browsing through stores. While both of these methods are fine, there’s a more exciting way to go about things: getting a sock subscription. Signing up for one automatically ensures that your socks are always in fashion and keeps you from having to do all of the research yourself! Here are seven signs that subscription socks might be right for you.

6) The I Have No Idea What I’m Doing with My Life Guy

The guy who just bought his first house, has two kids and a wife, is now buying an extra pair of socks in bulk. This is how he blows off steam. Just as with his lady’s lingerie drawer, he doesn’t really know what to buy or when to buy it. But by sheer chance, he ends up subscribing to whatever sock-of-the-month club I send him—and things go downhill from there. It starts with just one pair of socks, but then it snowballs into full-blown disaster as bill after bill arrives at his home each month—whether they need it or not.

7) The Philosockphy Guy

Every month, I receive a package from sock of the month Club. It’s like a present for myself! What I love about it is that with each package, there’s a monthly theme so you don’t end up with just any old pair of socks. One time, my socks were matched to my horoscope and another time they were all Christmas-themed.