7 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

7 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

Philosockphy is the ultimate sock of the month subscription service, and if you’re an avid sock wearer, then this service will be one of the best things that ever happened to you. Here are seven of the best reasons why you should subscribe to Philosockphy, including top-quality socks delivered straight to your door every month, exclusive offers and giveaways, and more! Plus, Philosockphy makes it easy to unsubscribe at any time if you ever want to end your subscription—for any reason—and there are no long-term commitments or contracts involved.

Most subscription services are great!

Many subscription services are great for all types of people. From food delivery to floral arrangements, there’s something out there for everyone. However, many people overlook certain subscriptions that could truly change their lives. In some cases, they aren’t aware they exist; in others, they think they won’t enjoy them or don’t need them—and they could not be more wrong! Luckily for you (and other intelligent readers), we’ve put together seven great reasons why you should try sock of the month subscriptions and we can't wait to tell you about them! With any luck, it will inspire at least one person who might be thinking about subscribing but hasn't yet.

I’m probably already over-dressed

Unless you work in a job that requires formal wear, it’s likely you have an excess of clothing. Yet, every time you go shopping for new clothes, you only buy what is on sale or on trend, with nothing that will last for years to come. It’s entirely possible your closet is full of stuff you never wear. Ditch them and get back into your wardrobe basics! And if you need socks, there are hundreds if not thousands that can fit right into your sock drawer in no time at all! Check out my list above where I outline 7 benefits that come with having socks subscriptions like our very own Philosockphy subscription service.

A sock collection can be timeless.

A good sock collection can last you years. It’s one gift you can keep giving yourself and your friends that never get old. It’s also a good conversation starter at parties: Why socks? Why not socks? Plus, with options in cotton, wool, and everything in between, they fit any occasion. So we recommend starting a sock of the month subscription today—you won’t regret it!

Buying 1 pair of socks would be an ordeal.

Buying one pair of socks seems like it would be difficult for some people, but if you subscribe to a sock-of-the-month club, you can get an awesome pair of socks delivered right to your door every month. It’s really that simple. Having great socks is so important in life, but many people are simply not motivated enough to buy their own—or they have trouble finding quality socks in their size. If that sounds like you, maybe it’s time for a sock subscription service! Here are some great reasons why you should become part of our tribe

Everyone loves their gifts.

There’s nothing better than having fun with your gifts! While we may not think about it, there are dozens of products that can be given as a subscription. Socks are one that many people love and use daily. So if you know someone who has socks, why not give them a sock subscription for Christmas? Give them socks for every month? Or even one sock in their favorite color or pattern. This can be one of those gifts they’ll remember each time they put on their favorite socks. The list could go on and on, but you get my point, right? Everyone loves their gifts, so how about giving your loved ones something they’ll enjoy each day?

Every month, I get a new chance to try something new.

There’s something special about getting a surprise in your mailbox every month. Each sock of the month is unique and can be worn with different outfits or under different clothes. I know that I’ll be able to coordinate my socks with at least one item in my closet every month, but it might also lead me to wearing something new that I might not have worn otherwise. In short, every sock subscription brings with it endless possibilities for self-expression, much like you would get when you choose what socks you wear for any given day.

My friends will ask about my gift(s).

For many people, Christmas is all about giving and receiving. I personally think getting presents is just as fun as giving them! I’m sure you have heard one of your friends say something like I just love opening my presents! If your friend likes unwrapping presents, why not give him or her a sock subscription for Christmas? This way your friend gets an amazing gift every month from you. Your friend will get his or her first sock within 5 days after they sign up with their subscription. The best part? Your friend won’t even know that it is coming.

They look different on each foot. 🙂

Okay, I know that sounds weird, but let me explain. One foot is slightly larger than my other. At least one sock fits much tighter on one foot than on another. Having multiple pairs with different characteristics makes it easier for me to match up socks with each foot and make sure they both look good at all times. 🙂