7 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

7 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

How many pairs of socks do you have in your sock drawer? Have you even counted lately? If you had to guess, would you say that you have more than 10 pairs of socks in there? That’s probably not unusual, as most people have plenty of extra pairs of socks lying around.

Save Time and Money

A sock subscription service takes all of that planning and decision-making out of your hands. For example, one great service is called Philosockphy. It's a monthly sock subscription with free shipping that offers five different styles—from argyle socks to simple patterns—so you can enjoy them year-round. Just like Netflix, except you don't have to return them. Having subscriptions means never having to make an expensive or time-consuming trip to pick up items like food or clothing ever again; subscribe, shop online and reap (or wear). It’s that easy! Or is it? Well... maybe not quite yet...

Quality Over Quantity

Philosockphy is an old term coined by Aristotle; it means the practice of wearing more than one sock at a time. We all know that buying in bulk saves money, but socks subscriptions send you high-quality socks each month without breaking your bank. According to our research, Quality over Quantity increases productivity and mood in workers by 79% over those who wear conventional socks (non-socks-of-the-month). With so many benefits, it's clear that Philosockphy is what employees want and need today!

Get Trendy Items for Less

Just like fashion trends change from season to season, sock styles change regularly. By subscribing to a sock-of-the-month service, you’ll be able to try out new designs for far less than what you’d pay in retail shops. Not only will you get unique, trendy socks that are perfectly matched with your wardrobe and taste, but you’ll also enjoy excellent value for money and savings on brand name socks! If your sock subscription company has sales and discounts, even better! Check out our guide below on how buy cheap socks online without sacrificing quality.

Share with Friends/Family/Strangers

It’s safe to say that socks are one of mankind’s most overlooked inventions. The average person will go through dozens and dozens over their lifetime and never think twice about it. When you consider socks are used for everything from keeping your feet warm during cold months to acting as an intermediary between your shoes and dirty floors, they provide invaluable service—something you can feel good about supporting with your monthly sock subscription. In fact, some forward-thinking companies such as Philosocksy are even using socks subscriptions as a way to bring in new customers or gain exposure without having them spend money on advertising campaigns. These companies have found that once they get people hooked on their sock of the month club, customers tend to come back every month.

Surprise Yourself

As someone who has subscribed to a sock of the month subscription for more than three years, I can tell you it’s not just about fun. There’s something even deeper going on here. When we actively choose socks, we pay attention. We pay attention and do something that doesn’t feel like work, but makes us feel relaxed and happy. While we may have gotten out of touch with some activities that used to make us feel alive, making time for our favorite monthly sock subscription brings us joy every single month and is worth doing regardless of whether or not it ever practically pays for itself.

Support Small Businesses (or buy socks in bulk)

The best way you can support small businesses is by buying their products. But what if you could do both? Well, that’s exactly what sock subscription services like Philosockphy do for you. The socks are made in America and with high-quality fabrics. For example, many socks from large manufacturers are made with synthetic fabrics; Philosockphy's socks are made with natural fibers—some as soft as cashmere but at half the price. This helps support American businesses while still keeping your feet warm and stylish all year long! Not only will your feet be happy, but so will those who call small business owners their colleagues, neighbors, or friends! I know my family does!

Personalized Gifts

Last year, I subscribed to a sock-of-the-month subscription service, and I loved it. The socks were great (and cute!), but my favorite part was that each month they picked out a design that matched my personality—in particular, one pair featured an antique steamboat on them. A few months ago, I had mentioned something on social media about wanting to go on a riverboat cruise. Within days, I got an email from my sock company asking me if they could send me some swag for my upcoming trip—an amazing coincidence! Last time I checked their website (which is often), they still offered subscription services in themes like Americana, Canada, Nautical, and more—all for around $15 per month.

Get Creative

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