7 Reasons Why Colorful Patterned Socks Make the Perfect Gift for All Occasions

You know you’ve grown older when you get excited at the idea of getting socks as a gift. But, let’s get real: fun dress socks blow boring white or black colored socks out of the water. With gift socks, you never have to worry if they’re in style, if the recipient will like them, or any other stressors that come with another type of gift.

Maybe you’re not convinced that a pair of bright and bold socks is actually a really powerful gift. From being a feasible gift to being suitable for any occasion, these are our seven favorite reasons why colorful patterned socks make the perfect gift for all occasions. 

They’re Practical 

Do you have a Virgo in your life? Or maybe just someone who seems to always have their affairs in order? Vibrant socks are the best idea for your friends and family who love a good, sensible gift. Who doesn’t need a pair of colorful socks? Whether you’re shopping for some nice socks or for a lovely lady in your life, fun dress socks are the way to go.

The best part about socks? You don’t have to worry too much about sizing. Because socks come in a size range, you can usually and safely pick out the right size. With other types of apparel like tees, shorts, and jeans you run the risk of not only picking something they might hate but also picking the wrong size. Avoid the mess and pick out fun socks you love!

They’re Inexpensive 

Socks are a great gift when you don’t want to break the bank. Socks are great for gift exchanging with coworkers, extended family members, neighbors, or anyone you want to give a gift to but may not know super well. Socks are often under $20 but still feel personal and thoughtful. They’re certainly more exciting than a twelve-pack of white socks.

Great for Any Occasion 

Birthdays, Christmas, or those weird National holidays that don’t really seem like holidays—those are all perfect sock gift-giving holidays. Socks make great gifts because they’re practical and everyone always needs a good pair of socks. Which reminds us, does anyone know where all of the missing socks go? We’ve got plenty to spare but the dryer has definitely eaten some of our favorite pairs. 

They’re Thoughtful 

Some people might think gifting socks seem impersonal but gifting socks is actually very thoughtful. Gifted socks show your special someone your consideration for their needs. After all, cold toes are the worst…especially in the mornings! Men's socks with fun patterns, colors, and prints are just the things for someone who has a flair for fashion or likes to show off their personality in subtle ways. Since they’re super cozy and always in style, our socks are made of combed cotton with touch nylon and spandex for all-day comfort and long-lasting wear. We offer the highest percentage of cotton. 80% Combed Cotton, 15% Nylon, 5% Spandex.

Socks Evoke a Feeling of Comfort

Socks are a gift of pure comfort. You might have turned your nose up at socks as a kid on Christmas and birthdays but there’s something so special about receiving socks as an adult. Seriously, do you know where the missing dryer socks have gone? With so much going on in the world right now, so many of us are craving the comfort and nostalgia that socks can evoke.  When you’re away from your loved ones, receiving a pair of socks from them or gifting them a pair of socks really makes you feel all warm and fuzzy. Getting socks as a gift is like getting a virtual hug, especially if they’re personalized for you.

You Can Keep Them Coming 

Wait, WHAT? Yup! You read that right! You can keep the socks flowing with a subscription. Socks are so practical, that they can be purchased just about anywhere. From truck stops to grocery stores and just about everywhere in between. But, if you’re not exactly vying to get your bananas and your socks in the same place, you can choose a Philosockophy subscription box

Our Sock of the Month club is a monthly subscription to the most comfortable, well-designed, and awesome socks in all the land. Our in-house team designs every colorful and stylish pair of socks, manufactures them on a 200-needle knitting machine (think HD vs standard-definition television), and gets them to your sock drawer every single month.

It's time to step up your sock game and we are here to help with the best sock of the month club for men and women alike. Get your monthly sock subscription box, delivered right to your doorsteps. Our monthly sock subscription club delivers in the USA and Canada.! 

There’s No Such Thing as Too Many Socks

When shopping for a gift for someone you know, you can always rest easy knowing that one can never have too many patterned men's socks. If your sock drawer is full, it’s time to do inventory and see which are old, which are dingy, and which haven’t had a matching pair since their first wash. You can almost always bet that someone needs a new pair, whether they realize it or not. So, go aheadpick out their favorite patterned socks and make someone’s day extra special! 

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