7 Reasons to Subscribe to a Sock of the Month Subscription

7 Reasons to Subscribe to a sock of the month Subscription

How many times have you found yourself thinking, I really need some new socks, only to have that thought completely slip your mind a day later? That’s why sock of the month clubs like Sock Lover are such great ideas – they make it easy to replace your old socks with brand new ones! But even if you’re not sick of your socks yet, consider joining one of these sock subscriptions anyway. Here are seven reasons why you should subscribe to Sock Lover or another sock of the month subscription service today!

Cool & Practical

For those that enjoy getting something in the mail, sock subscriptions are pretty cool. At first glance, it may seem like you’re paying money to get socks, but sock-of-the-month clubs often offer more than just socks. Many offer ties and bowties as well. A sock subscription is also practical because it makes an excellent gift for men and women; all recipients love a pair of cool socks (whether they admit it or not). Plus, you don’t need to go out searching for pairs; they will come straight to your doorstep. There are many good brands out there too including Bombas and Happy Socks—each offering funky patterns, high quality fabric and fun packaging. And then there’s always.... GIFTS!

Fashionable & Fun

First and foremost, they’re fun! It’s fun to try out different socks every month. As you get older, that sense of childish wonder will fade away, so relish it while you can. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that your feet are one of two parts of your body that other people see when you’re dressed in business casual or less—and make no mistake: If you dress casually enough for others to be able to see your socks (or sandals), they will! And if those socks just happened to be a pair from your sock subscription service? Bonus points!

Savvy & Stylish

Wanting to be both savvy and stylish? Then you should look no further than some cool socks. Socks are an easy way to update your wardrobe and make a statement, plus they don’t take up much space in your closet. In fact, one sock subscription company has been featured in publications like GQ and Elle Magazine! Of course, if you already own lots of cool socks, then why not receive fresh pairs every month? Choose from styles like athletic socks, dress socks or patterned accessories that can match anything in your closet. We think these sock subscriptions are pretty savvy - don't you?

Gifts That Keep on Giving

If you want to give socks as a gift, there are some fun benefits that come with sock subscriptions. Every month, your recipient will receive new socks from one or more brands—giving you more bang for your buck. And while they might not wear every pair, they'll have options in their drawer should they need something unique. Plus, if you go with a sock-of-the-month club like John's Crazy Socks , there's another benefit: If someone does wear all of their socks before next month, you can send them an email so that they can pick out some new pairs!

Affordable Luxury

It's pretty easy to get into a habit of buying mediocre, inexpensive socks at big box stores; for one thing, it's convenient. But buying just okay socks won't bring you much joy over time—and you'll wind up throwing them out sooner than later. When you sign up for a sock subscription, though, you're in it for the long haul: find an interesting sock line and stick with it! Try browsing around online to find new sock brands that might suit your style; as long as they do what they promise (keep your feet warm or whatever), these socks will be at least as good if not better than anything you could buy on-the-go.

Gives Back to Small Businesses and Artists

Many sock-of-the-month clubs buy from independent artists and small businesses. Each month, one artist or small business is featured on your subscription box’s packaging, giving them exposure and earning them some cash. This can be great for small business owners who want more exposure but don’t have extra cash lying around for marketing. And if you care about supporting local artisans and entrepreneurs, it can give you peace of mind that your purchases are helping someone out! Plus, these socks aren’t always just plain old white cotton—they can often be vibrantly patterned or quirky in their design, which makes buying fun!

Convenient for Busy People

The sock-of-the-month club is convenient for busy people. The subscription service allows you to simply sit back and wait for your socks to arrive at your door. You don’t have to go out shopping, nor do you have to think about what would make a good gift or add another item on your grocery list. By subscribing, you receive care packages (typically with five pairs) once every month. This subscription service is perfect for busy professionals who don’t have time left over in their day after work and taking care of household chores; they are left with little time for shopping at stores. With sock of the month club subscriptions, you can easily purchase gifts that are thoughtful and great without any effort on your part.