7 Fun and Useless Facts About Socks

You might think that socks are just socks. You put them on your feet, you take them off when you take your shoes off, and that’s about it, right? Wrong! Socks have a surprising number of uses, which means that they deserve more respect than most people give them—just ask any member of Reddit’s popular /r/socks community . We’ve rounded up our favorite facts about socks here, from the reasons we wear them to some fun facts about their history, so read on if you want to learn something new about this underappreciated accessory.

1) Not everyone wears socks
Many people don’t wear socks because they simply don’t have any. This can be an issue for athletes, who need to protect their feet from certain weather conditions. For example, a basketball player will want to wear a specific type of sock depending on how cold it is outside. It can also be an issue for people who play sports outdoors or participate in outdoor activities—socks are critical when hiking in cool weather, even if you aren’t wearing shoes. And let’s not forget about those who just prefer going sockless. After all, socks are meant to keep your feet warm; why cover them up? There’s no shame in going sockless (especially since socks themselves are old fashioned). Whether you choose to wear socks or not, try picking up some anti-fungal powder that should help prevent foot odor... which brings us back to our original point. If you don’t wear socks, consider making fun of people who do—it’ll make you feel better about yourself. A lot better.

2) People are wearing more colorful socks lately
In fact, sock of the month subscriptions—where you receive a new pair of socks each month—are seeing a massive boom in popularity. You might think it’s just another marketing gimmick or fad, but did you know that colorful socks are actually pretty cool? Here are seven fun facts about socks that will give you something to talk about next time your friends ask if you have any sock-based trivia to share There’s more bacteria on your feet than there is on your toilet seat: According to a study done by London Metropolitan University, there are as many as 100,000 different types of bacteria on our feet compared with about 890 types found on our toilet seats! And while some of these bacteria can cause infections like athlete’s foot, others may also be beneficial. For example, Lactobacillus uses nitrate from sweat to convert it into antimicrobial agents. High socks were once worn to protect against all sorts of diseases: During medieval times, socks were primarily used for their function as part of protective armor. Later on, they made their way onto soldiers’ feet because they could act as bandages when necessary. However, even though high socks fell out of favor during wartime after 1815, they remained popular among civilians who wore them primarily for fashion rather than functionality until well into World War I!

3) Sock subscription companies provide multiple benefits
There are several sock subscription companies out there, such as Bombas, that provide benefits for frequent users. For example, if you sign up for a pair of Bombas socks every month, they’ll send you a new pair of socks each month to try them out. That way you have more than one pair to wear! This is one of our favorite sock subscription companies because they also donate a portion of their proceeds to help homeless children in need. Not only do you get some cool socks every month, but you also give back while doing so! Sounds like a win-win situation to us. Plus, socks make great gifts too! If you think about it, receiving socks as a gift means your friend or family member thought enough about you to purchase an item that will last for months (or even years) without needing to be replaced. Thinking about getting someone socks as a holiday present? We recommend Bombas . Their product is top notch, their customer service is incredible , and they even donate 5% of all sales to support poverty relief efforts around the world through Nothing But Nets. Want something else fun? You can even order a sock of the month club from Bombas . This has proven to be quite popular – once you receive your first pair, you’re automatically enrolled in their monthly sock subscription service with three other pairs shipped straight to your door. You can read more about how we review different sock subscriptions on our dedicated page here. Curious about which subscription box we prefer most ? Click here to find out!

4) Where to find cool socks
You can find cool socks just about anywhere, but our favorite place to look is Kickstarter. Some of our favorite companies (like Bombas) have started on Kickstarter. If you want something more mainstream, Zappos or Kohl’s are two reliable places to start looking. Additionally, we get a lot of pairs sent in by users who like what we do—if you feel like sending us some cool socks, go for it! We love getting fun ones. Feel free to tweet at us (@coolerguys) or email us if you want specific suggestions or help finding them. This post from Cool Material has some good recommendations as well: The 7 Best Websites for cool socks. Another really nice bonus? Most sock-of-the-month clubs will give you ten percent off your first order when using code COOLGUYS. It’s a great way to try out new socks without much commitment or risk. And once you see how awesome having a regular shipment of new socks is, you might never stop wearing them! There’s also no obligation to buy anything after that—that 10% discount goes away after 30 days regardless. And with Cyber Monday approaching, there may be some deals going on that could be too hard to pass up...

5) What’s the future of socks?
If you’re a regular reader of our site, you know we love cool socks. Whether it’s fun designs or colors, socks are a great way to add some excitement to your shoe collection. If you’re still looking for ways to spice up your look or gift something unique, think about signing up for a sock subscription service! We did some research and found seven companies that will deliver fresh pairs of trendy socks directly to your door. Check out our list of favorites here! Let us know if you end up giving one of these sock subscriptions a try by tweeting us @RoverGarage. You can also keep an eye on our Twitter feed for more recommendations—we post new articles weekly, so there’s plenty more content coming down the pipeline! 6 Top-Rated Sock Subscription Services:
1) Anji Mountain – A USA-based sock company specializing in hiking socks with brilliant design elements like knitted maple leaves and hot pink stripes. They carry both men’s and women’s styles, with free shipping in every order. 2) Bombas – This sock brand is dedicated to finding creative solutions to prevent millions of tons of textile waste from ending up in landfills annually. For each pair purchased, they donate a pair to those in need. 3) Darn Tough Vermont – Not only do these socks have high quality but are also guaranteed for life! If you get a hole or your toes start getting too familiar with your shoe laces, just return them for a replacement—no questions asked!

6) Interesting facts about socks
1. In 2013, sock companies sold over $5 billion in socks. 2. It’s an extremely common practice for men to check their wives’ sock drawers (and vice versa) to see if they are having an affair. 3. More people in America own dogs than own cars – 57% of households have a dog, compared with 54% who have a car or truck. 4. The average American child owns just 18 pairs of socks. 5. There is no industry standard definition for sock sizes, so while some brands might call a size small medium, others may call it large. 6. On average, Americans throw away 64 pounds of socks every year — that’s one pair per week! 7. Did you know? Two socks of different colors, but from the same package, were once considered odd by superstitious seafarers who believed two-tone garments spelled disaster. 8. In 2011, Jerry Seinfeld auctioned off his puffy shirt from season three of Seinfeld on eBay for charity; at $1 million dollars—the highest amount ever paid for a TV memorabilia item—it went down as one of television's most expensive props ever sold. 9. It’s estimated that 25% of men wear mismatched socks. 10. According to Korean legend, if you wear matching socks on New Year’s Day, it will bring good luck throughout your entire life. 11.

7) Advice for sock buyers
Go with a sock subscription service. These services are a great way to try out all kinds of socks, both brands you’ve worn before and those you haven’t. In addition to being able to try new socks, they also save you time because they come directly to your door without having to be hunted down at an outlet store or department store. Here are three of our favorites: Bombas, New York Sock Club, and Friction Free Socks. Each of these has their own unique selection of socks that range from basic performance wear to stylish weekend style. Regardless, these sock subscriptions will make sure you have fresh socks throughout each month so you never run into a situation where it looks like you’re wearing yesterday’s clothes! As opposed to buying multiple pairs every few months when your old socks get smelly or lose their elasticity - these services send multiple pairs per month automatically so you always have fresh ones on hand. Plus shipping is free for most services. We hope we could help you find your perfect sock today.
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