6 Weird Sock Subscription Boxes to Spice Up Your Sock Drawer

6 Weird Sock Subscription Boxes to Spice Up Your Sock Drawer

How many times have you found yourself in need of socks, only to come up empty-handed and settle on the old trusty pair? If you’re anything like me, it happens all too often! I get sick of having plain boring socks; they’re so boring, in fact, that I don’t even want to wear them – they only collect dust in my sock drawer. But with these weird sock subscription boxes, your sock drawer will never be boring again! Plus, who wouldn’t want a fun new collection of colorful and whimsical socks every month?

1) Fancy Feet

Fancy Feet is a sock subscription box company based in Portland, Oregon. They have seven different monthly subscription boxes, ranging from $12–$50 per month. With Fancy Feet, you can look forward to socks each month that represent art and history in a new way. You may receive silly socks, but they are definitely creative! Depending on which box you get, your shipment will include one or two pairs of colorful and cool socks (and sometimes even unique gifts like puzzles or other small items). Fancy Feet has been around since 2010 and hopes to keep their customers interested by regularly adding new kinds of collections—including ones that feature local artists. The best part? There’s always something new to wear on your feet.

2) Club Socksmith

Club Socksmith is a sock of the month club that gets you a cool pair of socks every month. Their subscription options allow you to choose how many pairs you want, how often they should arrive, and which size best fits your feet. They have an option for women as well as men, so no matter who in your family wants funky socks, there’s probably a Club Socksmith subscription for them. And if socks aren’t enough on their own, Club Socksmith allows its members access to limited-edition products from other great companies—so not only do you get unique socks each month, but there’s always something extra thrown in at no extra cost.

3) The Foot Cardigan

This UK-based sock subscription box sends 12 pairs of cool socks every three months. This would be an ideal subscription for those who want a regular surprise but don’t have time for an ongoing commitment. It’s also perfect for gift giving, as you can choose from different monthly subscriptions (3 months, 6 months, etc.). The name comes from its founder Matthew Homan’s other business—he sells vintage cardigans in Scotland and wanted to create something equally quirky and fun. His passion for socks and social media savvy is turning out some cool, colorful socks that are actually trendy!

4) Strideline

The Strideline sock subscription sends you a pair of thick wool socks (like ski socks) every month. You get four or six pairs in different colors and patterns, like argyle or argyle stripes. The box also comes with information about each sock’s history, material composition, and manufacturing process. Since these socks are usually used for sports or as warm winter accessories, they tend to be more expensive than your standard Hanes white tube socks. But if you really like unique socks and haven’t found any that suit your tastes yet, Strideline is worth checking out. If not for yourself, then at least for your dad—he’ll love those argyle socks!

5) Sock Panda

You’ve probably seen a million sock subscription boxes before, but never one like Sock Panda. Every month, you’ll receive five pairs of cool socks that cover your feet from ankle to toe. What separates them from your usual box of hosiery is their constantly changing lineup—you’ll never get two pairs that are exactly alike. Instead, each month will feature different types of socks, including athletic performance options and low-cut styles for boots and sneakers. They also have designs featuring popular franchises such as Harry Potter and Star Wars , so you can nerd out while sporting a pair of awesome socks. Unfortunately, they don’t ship internationally, but if you're in North America they'll deliver straight to your door no matter where you live.

6) The Knit Kit

The Knit Kit is a sock subscription box that sends you three pairs of cool socks every month. These socks are hand-knit by artisans in Peru, so they’re nice and cozy while also being totally unique. You can pick out your preferences (colors, patterns, etc.) on their website before you subscribe—and if there’s a particular style or brand of sock you like better than another, you can write it in when prompted at checkout. The price per pair varies depending on what kind of socks they are; single pairs range from $12-$20 each. You can cancel at any time, too!