6 Sock Subscription Boxes to Spice Up Your Sock Drawer

Guys and gals, it’s time to step up your sock game. Forget boring socks – subscription boxes are the way to go if you want socks that are fun, creative, and memorable! Check out our list of six creative sock subscription boxes to find the perfect box to spice up your sock drawer.

1) A fun gift idea
The cool socks subscription box includes 5 pairs of unique fun socks every month for $30. That works out to just under 50 cents per pair of cool socks. cool socks, right? What makes them cool? You never know what you’re going to get! They could be holiday themed, athletic socks or super-kitsch retro novelty socks. Some boxes come with a theme (for example Underwater Adventurer) and others are more general in nature. If you want socks but don’t have time to go on a shopping adventure or simply can’t make up your mind about which ones to buy, check out a sock subscription service. I personally love these socks as gifts and I think they’d make an excellent gift for someone who has hard to shop for on your list. A sock subscription is also perfect if you find yourself needing a last minute gift idea; most subscriptions send their socks around 10-15 days before they arrive so they arrive at least 1 week before that special event, when shipping is factored in. It’s enough lead time to wrap it nicely and put a bow on it or write a hand written note. And remember, some socks subscription services offer free sock exchanges throughout the year. So even if you don’t like one particular design of socks, you still might like another one from a different subscription box during that same year.

2) Why do sock subscriptions exist?
Don’t you hate it when your feet are cold and wet? It sucks, doesn’t it? But what if you had a steady stream of socks sent right to your door each month? Then you could stay warm in winter and have something fun to open. That’s why sock subscriptions exist. These days, sock subscription services let you swap out your boring old socks for ones that bring a little bit of style into your life. There are even cool patterns now! And if you like these kinds of gifts – small monthly shipments – then here are six great sock subscription boxes to spice up your inbox. If you aren’t sure whether or not any of these will be right for your corporate gift giving needs, don’t worry; we also go over how they work in more detail below so that you can figure out which one is perfect for you and your office culture. Are Some Corporate Gifts More Personal?: Perhaps you want to give out gifts to employees but still have them feel somewhat personalized. Well, there’s no rule saying that all gift giving should involve socks (although sometimes it just makes sense). Instead, think about a different kind of corporate gift: booking an activity with your employees. Maybe everyone wants to go bowling one day (there are some incredible deals on bowling alleys throughout America). Or maybe everyone would love going ice skating as a group! Whether you prefer getting professional coaching or simply renting out time at a local facility, activities like these have obvious benefits. For starters, they’re way better than socks because they actually get used instead of sitting in someone’s drawer never to be seen again. Plus, since many people spend hours working in their offices every week (which often interferes with their exercise goals), arranging events like these is actually great for employee wellness!

3) The Perfect Gift for Your Friends with Foot Issues
Footwear is an essential, everyday item we all use, but it isn’t always comfortable. No matter how expensive or stylish your shoes are, if they don’t fit properly or pinch your toes, you probably won’t wear them. If you know someone who deals with foot issues and needs a little extra comfort in their daily life, here are six great ways to add some love to their closet: a sock subscription box! Many companies send you a different pair of socks each month so that your feet can stay as happy as possible. These sock subscriptions start as low as $10 per month and will help keep everything from your feet to your heart feeling healthy and happy. Here are our top picks for socks that do more than just cover up...and feel good while doing it! Copyright © 2017 Google Inc. All rights reserved. Google and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc., used with permission by PostBuzz. Sock Planner Monthly - It's simple. Every Month for two years you receive two pairs of socks delivered right to your door! It comes down every month to being surprise sock joy (when getting what's coming), making sure everyone has clean socks at home and providing gift giving opportunities whether holidays come around or not. And since it's once a month everyone saves time on buying birthday presents too!

4) Cool Corporate Gifts in Pairs
If you want to send a gift that your employees will actually want, there are several subscription boxes for men and women that make it easy. These gifts feature socks (or other items) hand-picked by trendsetters and tastemakers just for your team. Try Cratejoy, which features a dozen different sock-of-the-month clubs or Bombfell’s gift of curated menswear. Each has options for individual delivery or companywide distribution so you can be sure everyone is happy. You may find yourself receiving requests from co-workers once they discover what they’ve been missing! There’s no better way to keep morale high than having an element of surprise in each new delivery, and these subscriptions deliver month after month. With prices starting at $15/mo, sock clubs are an affordable option as well as a clever one. And who doesn’t love getting socks? Whether they prefer solid colors or crazy patterns, you can bet they’ll be happy when their box arrives every month!

5) The Best Men's Gifts Ever
A great gifting experience is as much about making a personal connection with someone as it is about picking out a well-thought-out gift. That's why it's so fun (and smart) to give gifts that are personalized and memorable. Gifts that make your recipient say, Wow, I can't believe you thought of me! To help you find such gifts for your husband, boyfriend, dad or even boss, we've gathered together some of our favorite gifts from around the web. Most of these gifts feature a personal touch in some way—be it an inscription on a special keychain or something more meaningful. Read on for 20 of our favorites, organized by category and then listed alphabetically within each category: towels; home goods; luxury bath products; sporting goods; cool socks; menswear accessories; books; manly tech gadgets & tools; quirky presents under $30... read more Upcoming / Past events speaker at Google NYC Office (Sept 4th 2017): hosted by ProdPad, CMX Summit Boston 2017 EventBrite London 2016 EventBrite Chicago 2016 Full event list here
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6) The Top Women's Gifts Ever
Okay, so we’re being a little bias here. But, who doesn’t love cool socks? Now you can sign up for a subscription box of the coolest socks on earth! Every month you will receive 2 pairs of crazy cool socks picked out by your sock sommelier in their New York City headquarters. We have not tried these ourselves yet, but have friends that swear by them! No more mismatched shoes! Perfect gift idea for moms, sisters and wives (although you might be trying to keep it all to yourself). Check out our top picks below: 2 Pairs - $20/month
3 Pairs - $27/month
5 Pairs - $36/month * #1 BEST SELLER* * Most Popular* * Editor's Choice* The most unique socks available online...all at an affordable price. Keeps my feet warm and compliments my outfits My friends think I'm famous for having so many pairs of Vstockings! We couldn't think of a better way to say thank you than by giving someone something they will actually use and appreciate! No matter if it's a significant other, parent, friend or colleague, everyone appreciates receiving cool socks in their mailbox each month (It makes getting mail fun again). Why risk buying a pair of novelty socks as a gift?