6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That Sock of the Month Subscription

6 Reasons Your Feet Will Thank You for That sock of the month Subscription

How much do you spend on socks? If you’re anything like me, not as much as you probably should be considering they are literally the only thing standing between your feet and the floor every day of your life (unless you have barefoot shoes or something). When I started my sock subscription, I had no idea that it would be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Not only did I save money, but my feet are also now happier than they have ever been before in their lives!

1) Cancel Foot Pain with Healthy Feet

Looking for a way to manage foot pain? Before you take an ibuprofen or pour yourself another glass of wine, consider your feet. Most people know that diabetes can lead to painful and even life-threatening foot problems, but they don’t realize that non-diabetics can experience similar symptoms due to ill-fitting shoes and general neglect. Foot problems are usually painless until they’re not—but if you look at their underlying causes, you might be able to stave off serious complications later on. Here are six reasons your feet will thank you for a sock subscription service

2) Healthy Sleep Starts With Happy Feet

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, and your foot health is crucial to healthy sleep. Healthy feet equal happy feet, which means you’ll have more energy and a better mood, plus you’ll feel good all over. We think that’s one great reason to keep your feet comfy with a sock subscription from Philosockphy! Here are six more

3) Get Relief From Common Ailments

While more than a quarter of Americans deal with plantar fasciitis, only 20 percent have heard of it. It's hard to tell whether your burning, stabbing heel pain comes from a serious injury or just an overuse issue—but, either way, you can use all-natural socks and cushioned insoles to take some pressure off your heels. If those fail to give you relief in a week or two, call a doctor: Injuries can be more serious than they seem.

4) Get Results Faster by Giving Your Toes Some Love

If you’re looking to motivate yourself to workout, ditch those old, ratty sneakers and invest in a new pair. If you love your shoes and they fit well, make sure they have socks with them. A sock subscription can help you realize that your feet deserve some love too! When you wash your socks or donate them because they are worn out or not comfortable anymore; treat yourself to a new pair so that when it’s time to hit that gym, those feet will be ready to go. My favorite place is Philosockphy since they have awesome designs and don’t cost an arm and a leg. Try them out today!

5) Look Good and Feel Great in New, Comfortable Socks

Having fun and getting socks is always a good thing. Just take our word for it. Plus, you’ll have something to look forward to every month. It’s like getting a present that you can wear all year long!

6) They’re Fun!

There’s a bit of science behind a sock subscription. The more fun you have, the more engaged you are and typically, people who are more engaged in an activity also stay longer. If we look at your current socks as an example, if they’re boring or uncomfortable then there’s nothing to keep you coming back; however with a monthly subscription there is always something new and exciting to try out. Once you get your first shipment, there’s no going back!