6 Reasons Your Feet Will Love You for Getting a Sock Subscription

6 Reasons Your Feet Will Love You for Getting a sock subscription

These days, subscription services are all the rage. And while many focus on delivering food or makeup to your door every month, sock subscriptions are quickly becoming the most popular of them all. If you’re wondering whether sock subscriptions are right for you, here are 6 reasons your feet will thank you for getting one.


1) New socks are the best

Socks are the perfect gift. When I was in my teens, I would always look forward to getting new socks for Christmas or my birthday. And now that I'm all grown up, I still love seeing what's new on the shelves at the store.
So when Threaded Socks reached out to see if I wanted to review their awesome socks club, it was an easy yes! Threaded offers a monthly sock of the month subscription and they have cool crew socks, colorful ankle socks and colorful socks for men. The best thing about these is that you can choose between regular or fun mens ankle socks too - woo hoo!


2) You don't have to think about what socks to wear

Your feet will thank you every time they see your awesome sock of the month subscription box. Here are six reasons why:
1. Fun socks make any outfit more fun - even if it's just to wear around the house!
2. The best socks make great gifts, too! 2. It's so much easier than running out to buy them last minute - and at least these won't be the wrong size!
3. The color selection is like no other sock company - from navy to yellow, from camo to argyle, from purple to green, there's something for everyone in this cool-socks-club.


3) Your feet will be happy

Feet that feel great are happy feet. Whether you're traveling, working, or doing sports, there's nothing better than wearing socks that feel good. Lucky for you, the best sock of the month clubs have an awesome selection of colorful socks and cool designs. Plus, they'll ship them to your door every month so you can make sure your feet never suffer from those uncomfortable itches and bunions that come from wearing the wrong pair of shoes or too-tight socks.


4) Your toes will stay warm

It's true! A sock subscription will save you money because you'll never have to worry about what to wear with your crazy color dress socks again. That's right, not only will your feet thank you for that sock of the month subscription, your wallet will too. If you order the three-month sock plan, you'll save 10%. And if you order the six-month sock plan, you'll save 15%! So what are you waiting for? Get all of your cool socks on one convenient monthly schedule and enjoy free shipping.


5) You can show off your personality

Socks are so much more than just something to put on your feet - they're a fashion statement! That's why there's so many awesome sock subscriptions out there. The crazy color dress socks are perfect if you love fun patterns and bright colors, while our awesome socks club will get you some of the most stylish crew socks around. We also have an ankle sock subscription that will show off your personality with funky fresh designs, or you can check out our cool mens socks if you know someone who loves bright colors and patterns. There really is something for everyone!


6) You'll save money in the long run

Buying socks in bulk saves money. If you buy one pair of socks every month at $10, that will cost you $120 per year. When you get a sock subscription, the average is about $30 per month, which is just $360 per year. And let's face it, those are way cooler socks!