6 Reasons Your Feet Will Love Sock of the Month Club


What’s better than a pair of new socks? A whole bunch of new socks, to be exact! With the sock of the month club, you’ll get five pairs of hand-picked socks each and every month. Your feet will be thanking you from all the fun colors, styles and comfy materials you receive each month! Check out these six reasons why you should start your own sock of the month club today!


1) Relieve Foot Pain with Customized Fit

The most important thing you can do to relieve your foot pain is finding a pair of socks that fit well and are designed to keep your feet comfortable. The right socks will not only protect your feet, but they'll also provide some relief from foot pain. This is why we've created a sock subscription service that allows you to customize every aspect of your subscription- from colors and patterns to length and width. We want you to have fun with your feet!


2) Eliminate Odor

Men's socks are often made with synthetic materials that can cause a variety of problems, including body odor and sweaty feet. The buildup can lead to unpleasant smells and discomfort. But it doesn't have to be this way! With a sock subscription, you'll always have fresh socks waiting for you at home or work. And they're guaranteed to fit your feet just right! A sock subscription is also a great gift idea for friends or family members who are hard to buy for. Check out our favorite subscriptions here


3) Reduce Blisters

Socks aren't just for keeping your feet warm. They can also reduce friction, which in turn reduces blisters. In this blog post, you'll learn about six ways that socks can help your feet to stay healthy and happy!
sock of the month Clubs are awesome because they make it easy to get a variety of socks for different occasions. Plus, if you have a favorite pair of brand-name dress socks or ankle socks, then it's nice to have them handy all year round without having to go out and buy more!


4) Fight Sweat Buildup and Smell

Your feet are one of your most important assets when it comes to staying healthy and feeling good. If you don't take care of them, they will quickly become a source of embarrassment and un-comfortableness. The best way to ensure that you're looking great and feeling fresh all day is by making sure your feet are happy. With all this in mind, wearing socks with an anti-microbial treatment is a smart way to fight sweat buildup and odor. That's right: no one will be able to tell if you've been working out or just had a long day at work!


5) Enjoy Variety in Patterns, Colors and Styles

The sock of the month club is a great gift for men and women. It's perfect for someone who doesn't know what they want to get as a gift, or for someone who just wants new socks every month! The subscription comes in three types: mens, womens and unisex. There are also fun socks for men and cool socks for men to choose from. The socks are made with high quality material, so you can wear them day in and day out without worry that they will fall apart. Also, you have the ability to customize your sock style with a four pack option that includes ankle length socks, crew length socks, dress shoes or any combination thereof. So it's never boring!


6) Support Local Artists & Makers

sock of the month Club is a monthly sock subscription service that provides you with a new pair of socks delivered to your door. They offer high-quality dress, fun, crazy color socks and cool mens' socks that are designed by local artists and makers from around the country. For every pair purchased, they donate a pair to someone in need. The best part? When you sign up for their service, they'll also send you a free gift! All you have to do is choose between one of their three packages: low-risk (1 month), medium-risk (3 months), or high risk (6 months).