6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Sock of the Month Subscription

6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month Subscription

Hey there! Have you heard of Philosockphy? It’s a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock of the month subscription service that delivers unique socks to your door every month for only $9.99 a month! You get 6 pairs of socks every 3 months and you can keep one pair, send one pair back, or donate one pair to charity!

Socks of the month subscriptions - How they work

Typically, you can expect to pay around $25 per month for your sock subscription. Most subscriptions will come with three pairs of socks; occasionally they might have four or five pairs in a given month. In many cases, subscribers will receive an additional item (like other underwear) at no extra cost with their monthly sock delivery. If you’re ready to get in on some socks-of-the-month fun and want to save money, here are six reasons why you should think about signing up for a sock subscription today!

1) They're Affordable

A sock subscription is not going to break your bank. Most subscriptions will run you about $10/month (with some as cheap as $4/month). Compare that to buying socks on Amazon, and it’s clear which option is more cost-effective. And even if you’re on a budget, they tend to have great sales like 3-for-$20 and 2-for-$15 so there are often times where you can get them for free or super cheap!

2) Inexpensive Gifts

A sock subscription is an amazing idea for your friends, family members, co-workers and anyone you know who likes comfortable clothes and gets giddy over new socks. It’s also great for those on your list that don’t need anything but appreciate something fun to look forward to each month. If you have anyone on your gift list that likes practical things and unique presents—this is it! When you sign up for a sock subscription service, it’s like giving someone a month of gifts in one! And we all know how nice it feels to open a package each month with anticipation over what might be inside...like when you were a kid opening birthday presents or getting ready for Christmas. The best part?

3) Support Small Businesses

There are lots of sock subscription boxes to choose from, but choosing one is a great way to support small businesses while treating yourself. When you buy something from a small business, you're helping to keep that business running, which means more job security for you and your neighbors. Plus, many of these businesses make socks in America—and if they don't already make their socks in America, they have an incentive to do so when you become their customer. That's good news for your future sock supply!

4) Wear Something New Every Day

If you wear clothes often, why not make it fun by getting new things? Subscribe to a sock-of-the-month service and get some fresh socks each month—the perfect excuse to buy new things. And remember, less is more when it comes to clothing. Instead of thinking that you need 10 different pairs in different colors and styles, just buy 2 or 3. You can mix and match with your existing wardrobe! (Tip: keep an extra pair or two at work in case you spill something on your shoes).

5) Excellent Customer Service

Many subscription box companies will offer a reward program or some sort of incentive, such as discounts on items. The goal is to keep you subscribed, which is beneficial for both parties. I say that’s an excellent example of customer service! If you don’t have time for multiple clubs, but would like to add something new every month to your wardrobe, opt for a sock-of-the-month club. These monthly deliveries will deliver cute (and sometimes humorous) socks straight to your door every month—no fuss required! Just sit back and enjoy your monthly surprise from socks so cool they should have their own philosophy: Philosockphy! What does that mean?