5 Ways to Style Your Sock of the Month Club Socks with Any Outfit


If you’re like most people, your sock drawer has become overpopulated with plain white socks. If you’re looking to style your socks in different ways on a regular basis, look no further than the sock of the month Club. This curated sock subscription box includes fun and colorful options each month that you can wear with any outfit, including your favorite pair of shoes or even your comfiest sneakers! Here are five ways to style your next pair of sock of the month club socks with any outfit


1) Nude and neutral colors

1. Match your socks to your shoes and belt: If you are wearing a darker shade, make sure that the sock is not too bright in comparison. If you are wearing a light color, it's okay if they are not identical. 2. Match your socks to your pants (or skirt). In this case, dark colors will go with any pant or skirt color, while lighter colors would go best with lighter pants or skirts. 3. Dress up any outfit by adding colorful ankle socks! They add some flair and pizzazz without being overbearing! 4. Coordinate your dress socks for a uniform look! This is great for work when you want something fun but professional looking at the same time! 5.


2) Bold colors

colorful socks are great for adding some fun to any outfit. Just like regular socks, they come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can wear them with jeans, trousers, shorts and any type of shoe. They're also perfect for dressing up a simple outfit or adding a bit of flair when you're wearing something more formal. Here are 5 ways you can style your sock subscription box socks:
1) Pair socks with your favorite dress shoes - There's nothing more elegant than pairing dressy shoes with dressy socks! Mix things up by wearing your bold color crew socks with ankle boots, lace-up oxfords or loafers. If you're going for that I'm out on the town look, try wearing your colorful dress socks as well!


3) Stripes, patterns and animal print

Our socks are meant to be worn and enjoyed, so don’t let them sit in a drawer. Here are five great ways you can style your sock of the month club socks with any outfit:
1) With a dress shirt and khakis, try putting on one sock at a time.
2) With jeans and sneakers, try wearing brightly colored socks on both feet.
3) With loafers or boat shoes, try wearing fun striped or patterned socks on both feet.
4) With shorts, go ahead and wear crazy color dress socks that match your outfit. 5) Keep it classy with cool men's dress socks by pairing them with slacks and a blazer for an office look.


4) Patterns without colors

Wearing socks might not seem like a big deal, but it is. And we're not just talking about wearing matching socks in the winter. Matching colors are important too! Here are five ways you can style your sock of the month club socks with any outfit.
1) The Casual Night Out - Pair your socks with shorts and sneakers for a casual night out. 2) The Backyard BBQ - Put on some cargo shorts and a button-down for a day at home or at a barbeque. 3) The Classic LBD - A classic LBD is always in style, so pair it up with some fun dress socks or cool ankle socks for an outfit that will never go out of style.


5) Pattern mixing

Do you have a drawer full of socks but don't know how to mix and match them? Just follow these simple steps for some pattern-mixing inspiration. Use your favorite pair of dress socks as an example. You'll need one black pair, one brown, one blue, and one red:
1) Layer the dress socks over each other so that you can see all four colors (black on top, brown in the middle, blue on bottom). 2) Roll up or fold the ankle portion so that it is at least halfway up your calf. 3) Wear these rolled up or folded lengthwise over a pair of flat-soled sneakers or loafers. 4) To finish off your look, add a printed tie around your neck.