5 Ways to Style Your Sock of the Month Club Socks with Any Outfit


It’s the day you’ve been waiting for: your sock of the month club has arrived! But as you pull out all your carefully-selected colors and patterns, you realize something – none of them seem to match any of your outfits. How are you supposed to style these bold new socks? Fear not, because we’re here with some helpful tips on how to style your sock of the month club socks with any outfit, whether it be formal or informal.


1) Pair your socks with an accessory

1) For a funky fun look, pair your socks with vintage sneakers.
2) If you're going for a pop of color, try some bright and colorful socks on your next day out.
3) For a more sophisticated and dressy outfit, try some fun dress socks.
4) For an edgy and cool look, go for cool mens socks in black or gray.
5) To layer up for the cold winter weather, wear ankle socks under chunky boots or knee-high boots.
6) If you want to make a bold statement at work, wear crazy color dress socks that match your suit. These will grab people's attention when they walk into your office!


2) Match your socks to your outfit color palette

1. For a casual outfit, wear your socks with navy jeans and a black or white t-shirt.
2. For a more formal look, match your socks to your pants, such as dress pants or khakis, and add an Oxford button-up shirt.
3. Match your socks to your dress shoes for a night out on the town! I think these ankle socks would be perfect for this outfit because they are dark and can be worn casually with some sneakers if needed. Plus, they would go great when you're wearing dress shoes like these brown suede boots!
4. Wear your fun mens purple ankle socks under skinny jeans and accessorize with a cool men's belt! This is such an easy way to upgrade any outfit!


3) Have fun!

Socks are a great accessory for guys, and so is your sock of the month club. There are so many fun colors and patterns that you can really let your socks be an extension of your personality. Here are 5 ways to style them with any outfit:
- If you're going to a business meeting, or just want to play it safe, wear dark trousers and go for some solid color socks like navy or black - If you're looking for something less formal, but still professional, try dark jeans and a patterned pair like polka dots or stripes.


4) Wear shoes that match your socks

A great way to start is by matching your socks with a shoe that has a similar color. For example, if you're wearing navy blue shoes, wear light blue socks. If you're wearing dark brown shoes, wear dark brown or dark gray socks. If you don't have any shoes like this in your wardrobe, purchase a pair for just this occasion! This will give your feet and outfit some color without being too bold. It's also important to keep in mind that men's sock colors are more saturated than women's sock colors. A lot of men find it difficult finding ankle socks that match their shoes because they don't want anything too bright and flashy - so keep this in mind when shopping for fun mens ankle socks!


5) Find a sock subscription service

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