5 Ways to Style Sock-of-the-Month Club Socks with Any Outfit


sock of the month clubs are everywhere these days, and sock of the month subscription boxes are becoming more and more popular. It’s not hard to see why; who doesn’t want new socks every month? While it might seem like a fun way to get free socks, you’ll likely find that there are tons of colors and patterns you don’t really care for in every shipment, leaving you with excess socks you can’t really use.


1) Athletic socks

Socks of the Month Club offers a monthly sock subscription for men and women. They offer a wide selection of socks that are custom designed by independent artists from around the world, guaranteeing you'll always have something new in your sock drawer. We carry over 150 different designs of mens ankle socks and women's dress socks, so there's truly something for everyone!


2) Patterned socks

When you're looking for a way to make your outfit more fun, it's often all about the socks. Fortunately, sock-of-the-month clubs are making it easier than ever before to add some personal flair and color into your getup. One such club is the Darn Good Sock Company, which offers an innovative sock of the month service that guarantees subscribers one pair of new socks each month. Best yet? The company has an option for men or women so that both he and she can enjoy this luxury!
The best part about having a sock subscription is that you never know what style of socks you'll be getting in the mail next - colors range from mens purple ankle socks, mens colorful socks, or even crazy color dress socks!


3) Colored socks

Even if you're not a man, there are some times when it's fun to dress like one. And if you love getting gifts, why not give the gift of sock? A new subscription service is sending out pairs of the most colorful socks on earth. The socks are designed exclusively for men and they come in a variety of designs, colors and sizes. They're perfect for any occasion and they even make great stocking stuffers or gifts!
The best part? You can choose from a variety of monthly subscriptions at different price points so whether you want one pair every month or you want an entire year's worth, there's something for everyone!


4) Stripe socks

Sock-of-the Month is the best sock subscription for men. With a rotating selection of the most fun socks for men, there is always a new surprise in your mailbox each month. Whether you're looking for cool socks for work or a fun dress sock, we have what you need!


5) Tube sock leg warmers

The best way to wear tube socks is by turning them into leg warmers. Simply fold up the top and the bottom of the sock so they're level with your calf, leaving a couple inches at the end of the sock that hangs over your foot. Tie a knot in between these two parts and then pull it up over your calf, creating a cozy set of leg warmers for colder days!
1. Make sure you have cool mens socks that are just long enough for this project - no cutting necessary!
2. Fold tube sock in half so it's level with your calf and leave a few inches hanging off at the end of the foot 3.