5 Ways to Fold Your Socks

5 Ways to Fold Your Socks

If you’re looking to find the best way to fold your socks, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve put together this list of five different ways to fold your socks so that you can decide which method you like best. Each method has its own benefits and drawbacks, but if your goal is convenience, any of these methods will do the trick! Of course, there are lots of other ways to fold your socks besides these 5 – tell us what your preferred way is in the comments!

1) The Basic Roll

The basic sock roll is made up of two socks of similar height that you fold in half and place them on top of each other. From there, you simply start rolling from left to right until all your socks are tucked away. When it comes time to find a pair, just unroll and voila! You have a neat stack ready for selection. Now that’s some cool sock magic for ya!

2) sock of the month Club

If you’re bored with socks or are looking for a cool gift, sign up for a sock of the month club. While most clubs ship out socks monthly, some will only send them seasonally (during colder months). This can also reduce costs. Most clubs offer junior and senior packages—the former may be cheaper but can contain smaller socks, while senior sized pairs are more expensive but come in larger sizes. Subscriptions range from $10-$20 per month; and when you consider that 1 pair of designer socks retails for around $15 at department stores, it’s not a bad deal!

3) DIY

One of my favorite socks subscription services is a DIY sock club where you get an envelope with two pairs of socks each month. You get to decide which colors and patterns you’d like, and then you create your socks! It’s a great way to add fun into your morning routine—and make sure that by summertime, you have enough cool-looking socks for all those pool parties. If DIY isn’t your thing (or if you can't afford a sock subscription), find some plain white tube socks at Walmart or Target and use Sharpies or fabric paint markers to add stripes or dots—with designs unique to your tastes. Need help choosing colors?

4) Origami Style

When it comes to socks, people have strong opinions. There are a few simple ways to deal with them. One option is to store your socks as you would books on a shelf: Roll them up and put them in a sock drawer. But if you're concerned about creases or that your rolled-up socks will develop holes, consider folding your socks like they do in hotels. Here's how: Lay one sock face down, then fold it into thirds lengthwise; you'll now have three layers (the top layer should be visible). Take another sock and lay it face down over your first layer (the two will overlap). Once again, fold into thirds lengthwise and lay on top of other layers.

5) Geometric Folding Pattern

This is a pattern that has been used by military personnel for years. In fact, it’s called the sock fold in some circles because of its popularity with soldiers. To create your own sock bundle, start by laying all five socks face down on a flat surface (use a table or other flat surface you have available). Stack each pair of socks starting with your left sock and ending with your right sock. This will create one stack. Then fold up those two stacks into a bundle of two (you should now have two bundles—your left-sock bundle and your right-sock bundle). Roll these bundles together so they form an X pattern as pictured above.