5 Unique Ways to Make Your Sock Subscription Stand Out

5 Unique Ways to Make Your Sock Subscription Stand Out

All-in-one sock subscriptions are all the rage these days, but not all of them offer the same value to customers. And if your business isn’t giving your customers what they want, then you might as well not exist in the first place! There are many ways to differentiate yourself from the competition by offering customers something new and exciting, and it doesn’t even have to involve selling socks! In fact, I believe that there are five unique ways to make your sock subscription stand out from the rest.

A sock subscription is about more than just the socks

It’s about convenience, comfort, and personalization. What better way to promote your sock subscription than by giving your subscribers something that no one else is giving them? Whether it’s a new pair of socks every month or something totally different, you have an opportunity with each subscriber email to make that extra effort in building a lasting relationship. Our team has identified five unique ways for you to give your subscribers an experience they won’t get anywhere else.

How to pack your socks for travel

Get your socks packed and organized ahead of time, so they’re easy to find when you need them. Roll each pair up separately and secure with a rubber band. Then gather them all together into a waterproof Ziploc bag before you hit the road (this will help keep your socks from getting damaged). Once you’ve reached your destination, toss one or two pairs into your carry-on for any layovers.

How to store your socks

Most of us put our socks in a drawer and call it a day. It’s effective, it’s cheap and easy, and there are no moving parts. Still, many of us struggle with sock chaos when we use that method. If you want your socks to last longer and you want them to be easy for you to locate—and preferably both—it’s time for something new. Ready for something? Here are five innovative ways to store your socks

Tips for how to fold your socks

What started as a quest for an easier way to sort our laundry has ended with socks that will never get tangled or ruined. It’s called Philosockphy. And while we may never become masters of high philosophy, we can certainly take a few pages from their book when it comes to sock folding.

Reasons people should subscribe to a sock subscription service

There are so many sock subscription services available today that each company needs to offer something unique and innovative if they want their brand to stand out. Instead of relying on a single method for acquiring new customers, consider using a multi-pronged approach; doing so will put you ahead of your competition. For example, when Philosockphy launched its first sock subscription service, it included a gift box option because its research showed women enjoyed giving gifts as much as receiving them.