5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks

5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks

If you’re tired of receiving the same socks in your monthly sock subscription, why not try some out-of-the-box ways to fold them? Our list includes five different techniques that can give you new appreciation for the world’s most boring piece of clothing!

1) The Staple

Invented by farmers to stop corn and hay from scattering in barns, stapling your socks together can make sure that they don't roll down into your shoes. It's especially helpful for keeping ankle socks in place, since they tend to slip off easier than crew socks. To staple your socks, take two pairs of socks of similar length and lay them toe-to-toe. Pull them taut and then secure a 3-inch strip of staples across the middle. Make sure you put an extra staple right next to each sock heel so that you know not to step on it with bare feet! If you don't have any staples handy, duct tape works just as well—although it tends not to last as long as staples do.

2) The Knot

No, we're not talking about knot tying. Philosockphy means, the science of getting yourself out of a tight spot, and no one knows that better than people who live in dorms, trailers, or small apartments. If you don't have an ironing board or table to lay your clothing flat on, use the window sill or table edge. The window sills are usually wider than a traditional lap desk and can hold folded socks easily. To get that professionally-folded appearance when your sock is on top of another one but both are facing up (like above), place them horizontally together (side by side). Then fold down each corner as usual and you're good to go!

3) The Stack

The easiest way to organize your socks is to take advantage of what some would consider a bad quality: they tend to match up perfectly. Use that fact, and make a sock pile based on color instead of tossing them willy-nilly into your dresser drawer. This method provides enough organization for most people, but if you're looking for something more exciting, try one of these five ideas.

4) The Twist

What if, instead of sticking socks in a drawer or piling them on top of one another in a dresser, you had a better system? A system that kept your clothes neat and clean, but still let you have access to what you needed quickly and easily. I’m talking about sock drawers or sock garages or sock hangers—all types of storage systems for your socks. But it turns out there are plenty of other ways to keep your socks organized; here are five creative ideas!

5) The Parachute

Folding your socks into a parachute is a great way to avoid a dreaded hangnail or two when it’s time to put them away. You also avoid awkwardly stuffing four freshly washed and dried socks into one of those small pockets in your dresser, which is nothing but good for you. I’ve found that folding my socks into parachutes not only makes organizing my sock drawer easier, but it also does wonders for my dryer lint trap (which seems to collect itself in balled-up pairs of socks). Basically, by using parachutes when folding your socks, you avoid making little furry friends with your laundry. That’s some solid Philosockphy if I ever heard any.