5 Unique Ways to Fold Your Socks

I’m not the most organized person in the world, but I do know that it’s important to keep socks from getting dirty and having them match up with their mates when I go to wear them. Luckily, there are plenty of great ways to fold your socks so you can organize them quickly, easily, and efficiently, making sure they look nice while they’re stored away and preventing them from getting mixed up. Here are five unique ways to fold your socks. Which one do you like best? I’m partial to the Warrior Fold!

1) Style Your Sock Drawer with These Ideas
Here are some of our favorite ways to fold socks. Be sure to check out our sock subscriptions, too. These subscription services will help keep your feet feeling cool and stylish with a new pair of socks each month! Our sock of the month club service is $9 per month. That’s right, one low price for 3 months worth of socks for just $9/month. You can even get free shipping! If you want to learn more about our sock clubs, click here. Are you ready to style your sock drawer? Let’s dive in The Turtle - This is definitely our most unique sock folding method (that we know of). Lay your socks flat in two stacks on top of each other—one stack should be aligned at 2 o’clock and 11 o’clock; the other stack should be aligned at 10 o’clock and 1 o’clock.

2) Try This Surprising Way to Fold Socks
While most of us learn how to fold socks in our youth, very few of us ever find out about a really cool and easy way to do it. Here’s a great alternative for when you’re on-the-go or simply don’t have time for all that folding. Did you know there are entire online communities dedicated to weird ways of folding your socks? There sure are, so be sure to check them out! Just kidding; we’ll tell you about five different ways instead (with pictures!). It may seem counterintuitive at first glance but hear us out: by rolling your socks like you would a sleeping bag, with three or four pair at once, they take up less space and stay rolled longer. We have yet to test these tips ourselves but based on what others have said online, they work like magic. Give one (or more) of these tips a try next time your socks need some organization!
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3) Want Cool, Unusual Socks? Try Subscriptions
Think about how long it took you to find that perfect pair of socks. So many brands, so many types, so many cool designs. Chances are you had no idea what you were even looking for when you started out, but when you found your favorite design, weren’t they well worth it? If that sounds like an exhausting process (which it is), then a sock subscription might be right up your alley. With these services, you can have unique and interesting socks delivered to your door every month! Just think of all those hours you’ll save with just one simple click! Our recommended sock subscriptions have great customer service and unique offerings. You won’t regret choosing them as a new way to keep track of your socks...at least not as much as if you lose another pair by folding them incorrectly. Check out our reviews below for some ideas on top sock subscriptions. Then head over to our list of sock fitters for more helpful advice on keeping your socks in tip-top shape. They say a stitch in time saves nine—and you don’t want anything less than pristine socks, do you?
If our recommendations seem good to you, we recommend clicking on Get Started Now before reading further...unless curiousity takes hold and leads you down a path full of questions. Not that there’s anything wrong with that—it is your time, after all. One question in particular is what’s been running through your mind: how can a subscription service help me take care of my socks? Well, they can do it in more ways than one!

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If you’re one of those people who spends a lot of money on new shoes, it might be time to cut back—and no, you don’t have to give up your favorite pair. If you want a great-looking shoe without spending a fortune, consider switching over to subscription services for socks and underwear. At $15 a month, sock subscriptions offer high-quality socks at an affordable price; there are even some brands that allow customers to design their own socks. And if you’re not into subscription models, maybe try asking family members or friends if they’d be willing to share some old clothes with you; chances are you can find both garments and accessories that match what you already wear in their closets—and they won’t even know they gave them away! The Key Reason Why So Many People Hate Ironing: Ask around, and you’ll learn pretty quickly that ironing is universally hated among all demographics—which should come as no surprise. That said, there is a way to make ironing much more bearable: using hot steam irons. For example, Rowenta makes extremely popular steam irons such as the DW8080 model that features microsteam channels that blast out superheated steam (for powerful wrinkles). These tools use precision tip jets and swivel technology so users can get every inch perfectly wrinkle free—no matter how large or small. How Steam Can Help Prevent Wrinkles: Did you know ironing produces wrinkle toxins called oligomers?

5) Get the Most Out of Sock Subscriptions
There are some great sock subscription services out there, and one of our favorites is Club Sock. Each month, you get a fresh pair of cool socks delivered straight to your door. But did you know that there are several different ways to fold them for storage? Today we’re going to show you five unique methods that we’ve discovered. So, kick off your shoes and read on! Over and Out; Folding for Effect: When it comes to folding, sometimes less is more. The point of folding your socks—besides having a nice stack at hand—is so they don’t bunch up in your drawers or tumble all over the floor when you open them up again. The trick? If it takes more than 3 steps to explain how you fold something, then perhaps it should be avoided in favor of an easier solution! That said... Here we go! Bottom Up: We’ll start with an oldie but goodie; most people would begin with a folded cuff, but as you can see by examining your socks closely (or not), often times there will already be a seam along the bottom. Why spend time folding into another layer of fabric when you can just fold right into a narrower space? Try it, you’ll like it! Frog-Fold: A Frog-Fold is really just the reverse side of doing things Bottom-Up... Look closely at where your socks form seams. See any places where two pieces meet end-to-end? In between those points? They make excellent creases for easy folds!