5 Unique Ways to fold your Sock Subscription Socks of the Month


How do you fold your socks? Maybe you are interested in learning some new and unique ways to fold your socks, so you don’t have them falling out of your dresser drawers? Maybe you want to impress your wife or girlfriend with a unique way to fold your socks? Or maybe you have never even thought about folding your socks, and now that you know there is an art to it, you’re curious to learn more? In any case, if you need some inspiration for some fun and different ways to fold your socks and keep them organized, keep reading!


1) Laundry folding method

The Philosockphy is a method of folding socks that utilizes the sock's color and type to find its place in its home drawer. The colors go on one side, and then you put dress socks with dress socks, crew or tube socks with other crews or tubes, and ankle-lengths with other ankle-lengths. This means that you can quickly find your favorite pair without having to search through a pile of mismatched pairs.
#1: Place all the purple ankle socks in one pile because they are going in their own drawer.
#2: Fold all mens colorful socks with other mens colorful socks together because they are also going into their own drawer.


2) Traditional sock method

This is a very traditional sock folding technique that can be used for any type of socks. Simply roll the sock in half and then roll it around into a cylinder shape. Then, place it on top of another one and make sure they are even so there are no gaps between them. Next, take both ends and pull them down towards each other until they meet at the bottom. The two socks should now look like a braided rope with two small holes at either end from where you pulled them together. Lastly, use one hand to hold onto one side while using the other hand to grip onto the other side about halfway up from where you made your initial fold on each side.


3) The granny square pattern

For a granny square, start with a chain-3 loop. Work 3 double crochet into the loop, and pull through so you have 3 loops on hook. Yarn over, and work 1 double crochet into each of the next 2 stitches. You now have 6 loops on hook. Yarn over again and work another double crochet in each stitch. Now you have 12 loops on hook (12). Yarn over and pull through all 12 loops, so that all yarn is now on inside of work (12). Turn your work so you are working across top row--work 1 single crochet into each stitch across top row--turning row (12). Then repeat step 8 until desired length is reached or until starting chain runs out.


4) The zig zag roll up

This method is perfect for those who want a unique way to roll their socks up. First, take one sock and roll it from the heel to the toe. Then, take the second sock and put it on top of the first sock and then roll it from heel to toe. As you roll up each new pair, alternate which one is on top so that when you're done, you'll have a zig zag look down your leg. This is my favorite way to fold my socks because I think it looks really cool!


5) Storing Socks in Drawer Bins

One way to store your socks is in drawer bins. Drawer bins can be purchased from any home goods store and are super easy to use: just pull out a bin, remove the socks you need, and replace them with clean socks! The drawer bins keep things tidy and organized by keeping dirty laundry away from clean clothes.
Another way to store socks is by rolling them up neatly and placing them into a storage container or bag. When storing socks this way, you may want to create sections for different types of clothing; for example, black dress socks could go in one section, light blue ankle socks in another section, etc. This makes it easier when looking for specific types or colors of sock when you're getting dressed in the morning!