5 Types of Women's Socks That Aren't Sneaker Socks or Pattern Socks

5 Types of Women's Socks That Aren't Sneaker Socks or Pattern Socks

Writing and publishing this blog post was inspired by two facts I learned recently: 1) There’s a company called sock of the month that sends out women’s socks each month, and 2) some people are actually paying to receive women’s socks in the mail each month.

1) Ankle Length

An ankle sock can be a cute addition to almost any shoe. They work well with boots and sneakers alike, and they keep your ankles nice and warm in chilly weather. You don’t have to go crazy trying to match your ankle socks to everything you wear; even if it’s just a single color, it adds some character. If you want some extra sparkle, try using sequins on your ankle socks! It will add a lot of shine without being too over-the-top. Any time you're wearing socks outside shoes like heels, boots, flats or sneakers—ankle length is usually ideal for women's socks because they look good and make sure that skin isn't showing.

2) Knee Length

Knee-high socks, also known as knee socks, are a style of sock that reach up to (or just below) your knees. These socks can be worn with almost any kind of shoes and is perfect for keeping your legs warm in cooler weather. If you're looking for knee-length socks but don't want to spend money on a new pair of boots, these look great with loafers and sneakers alike. Knee-highs are simple, classic pieces that will help keep your legs warm during winter months without being so thick as to be uncomfortable. It's easy to find good knee-length socks in thin fabrics like cotton or wool blends; they won't add bulk to your feet while still providing all day warmth in more extreme temperatures.

3) Over the Calf

This type of sock is normally worn with boots, but it’s also a great look for boots that go up to mid-calf. Since they're longer than knee socks, over-the-calf socks don’t expose your skin when you wear shorter footwear like ankle boots and flats. An added bonus: over-the-calf socks keep your legs extra warm! But just because these socks stop at mid-calf doesn’t mean you have to leave them there; most brands offer an extended version if you want them higher on your leg.

4) Sheer Cuff

These are perfect for dressing up a casual look with heels. They're casual enough that they can stand on their own and dressy enough to fit in at a black-tie event. These socks also go great with everything from shorts to dresses, as well as most kinds of shoes. To add extra style, pair them with lace-up booties, or wear them with sneakers (without jeans) for an all-white outfit. The possibilities are endless!

5) Tights

Tights have become a wardrobe staple for many women. Some women, however, still think that tights are only for cold weather months and end up relegating them to a back corner of their sock drawer. There are a variety of reasons why tights should be worn year-round. If you're considering buying tights (or want to use your old ones in more ways), consider these five different types of women's socks that aren't sneaker socks or pattern socks: 1) Casual tights, 2) Tabi Socks, 3) Yoga and exercise socks, 4) Ankle height stockings and 5) Snow boots.