5 Tips to Keep Your Socks Neat and Tidy

5 Tips to Keep Your Socks Neat and Tidy

My husband loves receiving socks as gifts, but he hates how they always get lost in the bottom of his sock drawer and end up bunched together in a heap! To combat this problem, I decided to come up with some creative solutions to keep his socks organized. Here are 5 unique ways to fold your socks that will keep them neat and tidy so he can find the perfect pair every time!

1) Fold your socks using the first fold technique

This technique is perfect for men who don’t have a lot of extra space in their dresser drawers. It saves you tons of room and gives you an easy way to keep your socks straight with little effort on your part. The best part about it? You can take any old dresser drawer—with or without dividers—and make it so that your socks are sorted by color, style, whatever. This way, when you wear a particular pair of socks out, they’re in a spot where you can see them every day until you get around to washing them (or forget about them entirely). There’s no excuse for having dirty white gym socks sitting around for three weeks now!

2) Use the shoe box method

Folding socks can be an art form. Fortunately, it’s not a skill you have to practice often. An easy way to keep your socks organized is by using a shoe box—you know, like you used when you were younger. The top of each shoe box lid makes a perfect little hanger, while each bottom half forms a nice little rectangle for folded socks. Shoe boxes aren’t expensive or hard to find and they’re sturdy enough that they won’t fall apart over time. Plus, if you ever need another pair of shoes down the road, there will be one right at your fingertips!

3) Create patterns with your folded socks

One of my favorite methods for folding socks neatly is a method I learned in college. When you're finished wearing a pair of socks, instead of rolling them into a ball, just grab each end and start wrapping it around your opposite hand (the one with fingers). As you wrap, twist so that they naturally form an interesting pattern—like an elephant's trunk or a twisted donut. Then leave them on your dresser or bedside table until you next need them.

4) Use a sock organizer

Invest in a decent, inexpensive sock organizer that holds about 10 pairs of socks. Find one that fits on your dresser or nightstand (you’ll use it almost every day). The sock organizer should have separate compartments for holding each pair of socks—folded together! Some people prefer a three-sock compartment, but I just keep my socks folded up together; there are five toes on a foot after all. Fold your clean, dry socks when you take them off at night. It takes less than 30 seconds, won’t disrupt your sleep cycle, and makes sock folding easy when you wake up. Plus, if you live with others (as I do), there are no territorial disputes over who owns which pair of socks!

5) Stop losing socks

Lost socks are an inevitable part of life, but they don’t have to be. Follow these five tips and keep your socks where they belong. It might even become a habit—Philosockphy!