5 Tips For Choosing The Right Socks Subscription

5 Tips For Choosing The Right Socks Subscription

You might not pay much attention to your socks, but they should be high on your list of things to think about when it comes to getting dressed in the morning! Selecting quality socks, and getting a subscription service that sends you new pairs each month can help you elevate your sock game, as well as save you money and make sure you never run out of socks again! Here are 5 tips to help you choose the right socks subscription service, and get you set up with the best-fitting and most comfortable socks ever!

Step 1: Know your material

socks are made from a wide variety of materials, from nylon to wool. Knowing what your needs are is important for choosing socks that suit you best. Density is an easy metric for selecting appropriate material, since thin materials create a lighter sock that's easier to move around in but offers less protection from cold weather. On the other hand, thicker socks tend to be more durable but can be stifling and restrictive in warm weather; there's no one-size-fits-all solution! Therefore, if you'll be experiencing extreme temperatures or plan on exercising heavily during winter, it may be wise to invest in multiple pairs.

Step 2: Choose Smart

If you’re getting ready to hit cold weather, it’s important to not just get any old pair of socks. While your goal might be comfort and warmth, you can actually make yourself more comfortable by thinking about what you’re going to be doing while wearing them. For example, if you don’t exercise outside a lot or your feet sweat a lot, some breathable wool socks might be perfect for you instead of super warm ones. You also want to think about things like your workplace dress code; do they allow certain kinds of shoes? Are there color restrictions? These kinds of considerations will help you find something that fits well into your life situation, both in terms of function and formality.

Step 3: Fit like a glove

It's no secret that socks do more than just keep your feet warm. They can affect your circulation, protect against injury and even change your gait. And while you may think that all socks are created equal, there is a lot to consider when shopping for your perfect pair: length, width, height, material and color. Start by thinking about how you're going to wear them (to work or on a run?), then look for colors that best match your style (bright or pastel), fabric (cotton or synthetic) and fit (regular or low-cut).

Step 4: Maintain it properly

With so many different brands and styles of socks available, finding ones that fit you properly can be a challenge. First, start with these four rules: 1) Go to a shoe store and have your feet measured to find out what size you are; 2) Never purchase socks based on someone else’s recommendation; 3) Never buy more than two pairs of socks at one time because they will wear out quickly if you don’t wash them after every use; 4) Always have a second pair on hand—this will help you remember to replace worn-out pairs. It is best to buy stylish colorful socks so that wearing them will always be enjoyable. Make sure you always wash your new pair of socks before wearing it for the first time.

Step 5: Wear them with pride

As socks can be on display in a number of everyday scenarios, it’s important to wear them with pride. While no one will be offended if you choose to keep your socks on while kicking back and watching TV, it might be best to take off your bright yellow knee-highs when attending a business meeting. This applies even more so if you’re wearing black socks as that could look quite strange. Of course, there are always exceptions—if you don’t care about what others think or want to show solidarity for your favorite sports team by wearing their colors all year long, then by all means do so!