5 Tips For Choosing The Right Sock Subscription


If you haven’t heard of sock subscriptions yet, then you’re truly missing out! sock subscriptions are an excellent way to ensure you always have fresh, new pairs of socks. They also make great gifts – both for men and women alike! Here are 5 tips on how to choose the right sock subscription company – based on your needs and preferences – so that you can get the most value out of your subscription service.


When you should wear socks

Wearing socks is a really personal preference. Some people only wear them in the winter, some only wear them on rare occasions, and others are staunch sock wearers year-round. And with so many options out there to choose from - ankle length or crew, patterned or solid - it can be hard to figure out which are the best socks for you. Here's a few points to consider before you buy your next pair:


When you shouldn't wear socks

A sock is a great thing to have in your arsenal of fashion accessories, but they're also meant for practical purposes. There are certain occasions where it is not appropriate to wear socks. Do you know when it's best to leave those ankle socks at home?
- If you're wearing sandals or flip flops - You should not wear socks with flip-flops because the straps will cut into your feet and cause blisters. This is especially true if the flip flops are made of leather, so if you want to be comfortable, leave the socks at home. - When you're going for a specific look - Most people will recognize that leggings and tights are an integral part of a basic outfit.


When you should use different types of socks

1) Crew socks, like our Men's Fun Crew Socks are best when you want to create a professional look. 2) ankle socks, like our Men's Crazy Colorful Knee-Highs are best when the weather is hot and you want to give your feet some breathing room. 3) fun dress socks, like our Men's Colourful Dress Socks are best for going out in style! 4) gift socks, like our Mens Purple ankle socks with Gold Flecks make great gifts for men because they can get them delivered straight to their door every month! 5) cool mens socks, such as our Men's Cool and Crazy Colorful Dress Socks can be worn for everyday wear and will always keep your feet warm!


Where to find your sock subscription

1. Consider the Material - Socks come in a variety of materials, from cotton to wool. If you sweat a lot, choose wool. Wool absorbs moisture and dries quickly, so it's ideal for those who are active or have sweaty feet. Cotton socks are best for everyday wear and can be great for traveling because they're lightweight and don't take up much space in your luggage. Try to find pairs that mix different fabrics if possible. For example, if you're looking at cotton crew socks, find ones with nylon or spandex that will give your toes added support and make them last longer (because cotton breaks down over time). 2.


What you should pay attention to when choosing your subscription

1) Know your needs- you'll want to know if you need a variety of socks for different outfits, or just one color for all occasions. If you're someone who prefers a variety, a sock of the month club is the best option. If you only wear black dress socks with formal attire, but don't mind the same colors every month, then we have our best crew socks option.
2) Consider your comfort- it's important to take into consideration what kind of socks are comfortable for your feet and style preference. We offer ankle socks and crew length options so that each person has their own preference and can choose accordingly. 3) Choose your size- we offer both regular and plus size options depending on what size fits you better!