5 Tips for Choosing the Right Sock of the Month Club


You have one job when it comes to keeping your feet warm and comfortable, and that’s choosing the right pair of socks. There are plenty of sock clubs out there, but most of them only offer you one type of sock per month — which may be great if you’re into sandals or skirts, but not so much if you prefer jeans and boots. Before you sign up for the first sock club you come across, take a look at our tips on how to choose the best socks of the month club for your lifestyle.


The most important factor: Comfort

#1. Comfort: You want to make sure that your sock is comfortable! If you're wearing a dress or something, make sure they are comfortable enough to walk around in all day.
#2# Quality: You want to make sure that your socks don't fall apart and aren't made out of cheap material that will cause blisters or uncomfortable friction between your skin and the sock.
#3# Style: You want to choose a color that matches with most outfits so you can wear them with any outfit.
#4# colorful socks: For men, if you have dark socks, get some colorful ones too! They're fun and really brighten up an outfit.


The second most important factor: Design/Pattern

The second most important factor you should consider is design. You want to make sure that your sock of the month club has a selection of patterns and colors, so that you'll be able to match it with every outfit. Plus, if you're looking for men's socks, then you'll want a wide selection of fun and cool designs. The best sock subscription clubs offer both traditional dress socks as well as fun styles such as crazy color dress socks or colorful ankle socks.


Finding the right fit

1. What color or pattern do you like? 2. Do you wear your socks tucked in or not? 3. Are your socks primarily used with shoes or boots? 4. What type of material is your favorite to wear on your feet? 5. What is your size (US)?


Try different styles and brands

If you're looking to buy socks, there are a lot of things to think about. Do you want ankle length or crew? Do you like dress socks or athletic socks? Would you rather have a monthly sock club and get something new every month, or pick and choose your own designs with an awesome socks club? Whether you're looking for fun men's socks that are cool for work, cool mens ankle socks, or fun dress socks, we've got everything here.


How often do you wear socks?

Many people wear socks everyday; some people wear socks every day. If you're an everyday sock wearer, you have a lot more options when it comes to deciding on which type and style of sock to buy. If you're not such a frequent sock-wearer, chances are that there are certain times in your life when ankle socks or crew socks become your go-to choice because they offer much more comfort and relief than dressy or casual socks do. Regardless, here are five tips for choosing the right kind of sock to fit your personal needs:
1) Colorful ankle socks with fun designs can be great gift ideas for men who might enjoy dressing up their look with color and flair.