5 Stylish Socks Subscription Boxes You Can Choose From

5 Stylish Socks Subscription Boxes You Can Choose From

Your socks can say a lot about you, whether it’s the pattern of your stylish socks or the message they contain on their soles. For instance, are you the love me type who would wear socks with little hearts on them? Or do you have more of an attitude to show off with NOPE printed on them? Whatever your personality and personal style, there’s always room in your sock drawer to add some new pairs – and getting them delivered to your door every month means you’ll always be stocked up!

5 sock subscription boxes

While socks are certainly one of your most frequently worn items, getting them as a gift is rarely satisfying. These 5 sock subscription boxes offer unique and fashionable options for discerning sock lovers who want to stay current in their attire without having to shop around on their own. Each of these monthly or bimonthly subscriptions will allow you to receive a fresh new set of cool socks for only $15 per month or less than $20 for two months, including shipping charges and taxes. Each option also offers different designs and themes so you can find what best fits your lifestyle and attitude. For example, if you lead an active lifestyle then a sporty pair of socks might be just what you need!

How do I pick my socks

cool socks come in many different styles, but how do you pick a pair that’s just right for you? Here are some tips to help you make an informed decision about which sock subscription box is best for your lifestyle

Discover new, cool brands with awesome designs

Some cool socks subscription boxes, like Uncorked Monthly or Bombas are specific to women; others, like Out of Print Threads or Modern Sock Guy—also include brands that just happen to be geared toward women. The best part about these services is that they allow you to quickly discover new and trendy brands with stellar designs and don’t cost a lot. Plus, since they come in the mail automatically each month, you can forget about shopping for other clothes and just focus on what's really important in life: looking fashionable. No really, at least that's how I feel after wearing several pairs of funky socks over a day at work. They make me happy!

Top Pick #1 – Moxsie Subscription Club

If you’re into unique socks, you might have already heard of Moxsie. It’s essentially a sock-of-the-month club with different themes every month. There are your basic subscription options that start at $10 per month (US only) or The Stack Pack, which includes 3 pairs of socks for $20 (US only). But if you really want to get your money’s worth, we recommend getting an annual membership. That way, not only will you be supporting small business owners, but they'll send four pairs of socks a year!

Top Pick #2 – Happy Socks by Foot Cardigan

The socks are so vibrant that you won’t be able to pass them up, but what’s even better is how affordable they are. Each month includes 3 pairs of socks at $8 per pair or $24 for all three pairs. The most expensive subscription box on our list, Happy Socks gives you much more than a typical subscription box with your monthly socks; you also get an additional accessory like a bow tie or glasses. Each package comes with an insert card that describes each pair of socks and tells you where to find them (and other Happy Socks) in case you want to buy more in different colors. Foot Cardigan has two other types of subscriptions besides sock-of-the-month as well, giving customers several options for their wardrobe upgrade needs.