5 Sock-Tacular Ways to Fold Your Socks

5 Sock-Tacular Ways to Fold Your Socks

What do you think of when you hear the word sock? Probably that brand of colorful, athletic socks that your mother bought you every Christmas growing up, or maybe the kind of dress socks that your grandmother insisted that you wear to job interviews, right? But what about the philosophy of socks? Well, sock of the month Club turned this everyday item into an intellectual pursuit in their very own philosophy class, Philosockphy! And now they’re teaching us how to fold our socks in 5 different ways to make sure we put our best foot forward every day!

1) Philosockphy

It’s time we talk about socks. If you care at all about your financial health and general well-being, I hope you’ll listen up because it will be time well spent. One of my favorite philosophers once said, A wise man should have money in his head, but not in his heart. Clearly he never had a sock subscription... ‘Cause if he did, he’d see that a pair of socks is one of life’s simple pleasures—but also one that can cost you lots more than you realize. Those socks may be on your feet for months, but then what? Do they hit your shoe shelf only to collect dust until their birthday? Are they tossed into a drawer to be forever forgotten?

2) The socks of the month clubs

If you’re looking for socks, but want to spend less than most sock subscriptions cost and don’t want to buy 24 pairs of socks each year (the number many sock-of-the-month clubs suggest), simply search online for sock of the month club. Some sites focus on cotton socks while others stock wool or any combination of blends. Just know that these may be pricier than buying them in bulk at Target or Walmart—but they are fun! You can even search by your favorite team or one that matches your style.

3) The sock drawer

Getting and keeping socks organized can be a major challenge. Not only are they prone to falling out of dresser drawers, but once you find them, there are still no good ways to fold them. This is why many sock aficionados turn their noses up at sock subscriptions—but let’s face it, that’s because none have been done right yet. We’re fans of sock gift boxes but we don’t think that everyone wants or needs more socks in their life all year long (some people don't even like socks). So we believe we have a better way: How about getting socks on your schedule?

4) Smart ways to fold your socks

No more tangled messes! If you’re tired of having your socks come out of your drawers in one big jumble, it might be time to think outside of (or maybe inside of) the sock drawer. A pair of smartly folded socks is a pleasure to use, but with all those corners and creases, it can be hard to fold them just right. We rounded up five different ways for men and women alike to get ready for their next sock subscription or throw on a fresh pair every day. Take a look through our gallery below for some tips on how you can fold your socks better.

5) Actually wearing them...

It may seem counterintuitive, but one of the best ways to keep your socks from getting all wrinkled is actually wearing them. When you take off your shoes at night or hang up your clothes in your closet, make sure your socks are in there too. After you wear a pair of socks once, you'll find that they don't get as twisted and tangled up with each other because they're more stretched out. If you really like a certain pair of socks, don't wait till they're worn out before tossing them—add them to an official sock drawer so that every time you reach for one it's right where it should be!