5 Sock Subscriptions that Will Up Your Style Game

5 sock subscriptions that Will Up Your Style Game

How do you know your sock game is on point? When people notice your socks first, that’s how. If you’re looking to take your style game to the next level, these sock subscriptions are sure to deliver. Don’t let your feet suffer from worn-out socks or mismatched pairs again! With these subscriptions, you’ll get the latest trends delivered right to your door so you can show off that stylish foot of yours.

1) Soak Society

The Soak Society is a monthly sock subscription service for men and women. Each month you'll receive two pairs of socks from a curated selection of brands, and you can choose the men's or women's option. There are three price points to suit your budget: $15, $25, and $35. If you subscribe to the monthly plan, prices range from $10-$20 per month depending on which package you purchase. The socks come in a variety of colors, patterns and styles (including no-show).

1) The initial sign up process is easy - just pick your gender and size preference. 2) You don't have to worry about sizing because they'll offer free exchanges if anything doesn't fit correctly.

2) Knomo

Knomo is a monthly sock subscription service, and they offer three different packages (Sport, Dress, and Luxe) to choose from. With Knomo, you get four pairs of socks in each delivery: two pairs in the same style for everyday wear, one pair of dress socks, and one pair of luxury socks. All the socks are on trend with colors like teal blue and pastel pink. They also have cushioned soles for all day comfort. Knomo will send you a new shipment every month so you can always have fresh kicks on your feet!

Knomo has been featured in Vogue UK, The Guardian UK's The Dodo, Refinery29's The Outnet, and more publications around the world!

3) Bombas

Bombas is a sock subscription service, offering a personalized monthly sock box filled with three different styles of the brand's socks. Bombas socks are designed to provide extra support and cushioning for comfort. The company also has a charity component: for every pair of socks purchased, one pair is donated to someone in need. Bombas is an especially great gift idea if you know someone who wears dress shoes on a regular basis and wants to protect their feet from blisters or calluses while still feeling stylish.

1) Bombas' Socks are Cushioned and Extra Supportive Having an extra layer of cushioning at the heel and ball of the foot can be essential in preventing discomfort throughout the day, especially when wearing dress shoes.

4) Zenni Optical

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5) Dagne Dover

Dagne Dover's socks are colourful and fun, and make the perfect gift for your favourite fashionista. They're also a great way to get dressed when you're in a hurry. The subscription box starts at $39 per month and includes 3-5 pairs of socks in various styles, textures, patterns, and colours.