5 Reasons You'll Want to Start a Sock of the Month Subscription

5 Reasons You'll Want to Start a sock of the month Subscription

How many times have you lost socks in the laundry? If you’re anything like me, it’s often enough to make you question your sanity (and possibly the quality of your last brain scan). But with a sock of the month subscription, those pesky missing socks will disappear and never be seen again! Read on to find out why you should consider starting your own sock of the month subscription service.

The thrill of getting socks

When we were growing up, socks were more than just a means of keeping warm; they came in all kinds of exciting colours and patterns. Even as adults, we secretly long for those days when receiving new socks was one of our favourite childhood events—the Christmas morning equivalent but every month! If you’re looking for something different and colourful to try in your sock drawer, why not start a sock subscription? You’ll get fun new socks delivered monthly. Plus, if you love getting surprises in the mail (who doesn’t?) or are known to forget birthdays and holidays, then going sock-of-the-month club is perfect for you! Showing someone you care has never been easier.

The agony of finding them

There’s nothing worse than finding you’ve lost something. Whether it be your keys, phone or wallet, losing anything can have massive repercussions on your day. The same can be said for socks. Sure, it might not seem like much when you misplace one sock but when all six go missing, that’s a different story entirely. There’s really no way around losing things—but there is a way to limit that loss and keep things organized in your life: start subscribing to a sock of the month club. With quality materials and stylish designs coming out each month, these subscription services are perfect for those who like convenience and order in their lives while still looking fashionable every step of their journey.

The rewards for those who look past despair

While standing in my clean laundry room in despair, I remember there are some positive benefits to having a sock monster. Maybe you've never had socks go missing before, but if you have, here are five reasons why it may be worth it. 1) The socks don't take up much space. If your home is anything like mine, things tend to get cluttered very quickly - especially when you have kids running around.

What kind of sock person are you?

From now on, whether you’re male or female, casual or conservative, old or young: wear socks. The sock monster doesn’t discriminate. His only agenda is to make sure you’re never without socks in your wardrobe. From one pair of colourful fun socks, to four months worth of work-appropriate pairs; if it exists in a sock colour it will come your way. Here are five reasons you might want start that new hobby

Advantages and Disadvantages

Do you know how much money goes into your laundry? Having your socks go missing is really costly. Some estimates place annual sock losses as high as $2 billion dollars! That’s why it pays for anyone who does their own laundry to keep tabs on their socks and invest in subscription services that can save them money over time. Here are 5 advantages and disadvantages of signing up for sock-of-the-month programs.