5 Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks


Who knew cute socks were such a big deal? It seems like everywhere you turn, someone has their own subscription box service dedicated to delivering the latest pair of fun socks to them every month. The sock subscription craze has taken the internet by storm, with millions of Instagrammers posting pictures of their cute new socks and fashion bloggers singing the praises of these adorable accessories. While cute socks certainly aren’t your traditional idea of sex appeal, this article explores five reasons why you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks instead.


1) The health benefits

Cute socks are a major mood booster. According to the Journal of Happiness Studies, wearing something you like on your feet increases your happiness. Wearing colorful socks can also increase your creativity, self-confidence, and concentration. Plus, wearing crazy color dress socks can help you be more productive by improving your mood with each step you take!


2) Why cute socks are better than sex

Cute socks are better than sex for a number of reasons. Firstly, they're much more comfortable and when you wear them there's no risk of getting your sock wet with sweat or bodily fluids. Secondly, they're not just for men! There's a great selection of cute women's socks too. Thirdly, they don't have any attachments that can break off like condoms do which means you don't have to worry about getting an STD if you're not 100% sure about your partners sexual history. Fourthly, ankle socks are much more comfortable than high heels which is great for your feet and prevents damage to the bones in your feet from wearing shoes too often.


3) So many options!

1. When you're in love, the sex is amazing. And when the sex is amazing, it's hard not to want more of it. But all that wanting makes for a lot of stress in your life because let's be honest, there are only so many hours in a day.
22. And if you have kids? Forget about it! The idea of trying to figure out how to keep up with their needs while also figuring out how to meet each other's sexual needs is exhausting and overwhelming.
3. Wouldn't it be nice if we could just take away one piece of the equation and focus on something else?


4) How cute socks can help you lose weight

Wearing socks that make you smile will help you stay on track with your fitness goals. Here are five reasons you should devote your life to cute socks: 1) They'll help keep your feet warm when the weather gets cold. 2) They'll cover up unsightly toes if your nails are in poor shape or if you're embarrassed by them. 3) Wearing fun socks can boost self-confidence while also making it easier for others to talk to you. 4) They can double as slippers so that you don't need two pairs of shoes in your closet - one for work, one for home. 5) A sock subscription service can provide a monthly surprise of funky new designs, something different every time, ensuring variety and staying fresh!


5) Why cute socks are better for the environment than sex

You might be asking yourself why would I give up sex for socks? Well, we're going to let you in on a little secret: it's all about sustainability. Think about the energy that goes into making a baby -- the amount of resources, time, and clothes involved. That's an awful lot of clothes! And then there are the diapers, wipes, bottles... where does it end? A baby requires so much stuff just to get through one day! If you're going to make a baby, at least do your part for the environment by choosing some cool socks instead.