5 Reasons You Should Give Up Sex and Devote Your Life to Cute Socks

Definitely don’t give up sex, but you definitely should give up sex in order to devote your life to cute socks! It may seem like an unusual choice, but if you’re into something kinky, trust us—you’ll never look back! Check out our list of five reasons you should give up sex and devote your life to cute socks... or better yet, sign up for one of our sock subscriptions! We have them in every color imaginable (just check out all of the options here), and every month, we’ll send you two pairs of amazing socks with free shipping!

1) Being stressed isn’t hot

Stress is the worst, and the only thing worse than stress is chronic stress. A study by The American Psychological Association found that Americans are experiencing an increase in chronic stress levels since 2007, which can lead to a lot of bad things like depression, anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure and more. So if you’ve been stressed or chronically stressed for a while now it might be time to consider giving up sex or your favorite foods or whatever it is you think might make you happy. Don’t worry though because there’s hope! Read on for five reasons why giving up sex (or at least the pursuit of it) could be what your life needs right now.

2) Sex is expensive

It's not just the cost of condoms, either. When you're dating someone new, you have to buy them a present, take them out to dinner, take them on a nice date, get little gifts for their birthday or Christmas. It all adds up. And then there are the less tangible costs: all that time spent preparing for a date night—shaving my legs, doing my nails just right; the hours I spend getting ready before I go out—doing my hair and make-up; what I wear (nowadays it's often something sexy or in bright colors or embellished with sequins). It can feel like an enormous investment of time and energy—time that I could spend on other things. With Philosockphy, I'm never alone.

3) Sex isn’t good for you

It’s tough, I know. It’s about 2 AM and you’re lying awake in bed, trying to figure out if it would be better just to close your eyes for a few hours or actually get up. This is the moment when you should ask yourself the following questions:

1. What is more important?

a) Getting enough sleep so that you can function at work tomorrow?

b) Satisfying your libido tonight?

2. Who will benefit more from this decision?

a) You, in terms of getting a good night’s sleep? Or b) The person you are currently thinking about having sex with?

4) The longer you wait, the better it gets!

If you're thinking about giving up sex, you should know that the longer you wait, the better it gets. In fact, when you stop having sex with people that don't really know how to do it right - ahem, men -- your sexual experience will only get more amazing. It's a Philosockphy!

5) Too tired to get up? Don’t worry, it can wait.

Too tired to get up? Don't worry, it can wait. Philosockphy is the philosophy that what you do in your personal time is none of anyone else's business. It's a way of life that many people live by every day. Whether you want to devote your life to cute socks or just some weekends, it's important that you don't feel like you have to justify yourself for how you spend your time. Here are five reasons why living Philosockphy could make all the difference:

1) You'll have more free time.

2) You won't be wasting precious energy on something unproductive.

3) You'll be able to do more for others, because you're not preoccupied with yourself all the time.