5 Reasons You Need to Subscribe to Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Club

Philosockphy has gone above and beyond in creating and curating an awesome sock of the month club that allows you to experience the softest and most comfortable socks possible each and every month. If you’re serious about your feet, this is a subscription you don’t want to pass up! Here are five reasons why you need a Philosockphy sock subscription ASAP!

Reason #1: A/B Testing

Everything is a choice. When it comes to your subscription, you get to choose what kind of socks you want. We offer two options: Socks for Him and crazy color dress socks. If you want an assortment, then go with Socks for Him. If you just want bright colors and crazy patterns, then go with crazy color dress socks. Choose which one best suits your needs.

You also get to choose how often you would like a new pair or pairs delivered: monthly, every other month, quarterly, or semi-annually. This helps us streamline our production and ensures that we are providing enough socks at the right time. It also ensures that you don't have too many pairs in your closet!

Reason #2: Access to Exclusive Products

Philosocksophy offers a sock of the month club that sends out socks and other items to your door every month. This is a great gift idea for men! They offer access to exclusive products that you may not see in stores. Their socks are high quality and they come with a satisfaction guarantee. These socks are made from cotton, polyester, nylon, spandex, or wool and they're machine washable. There are different styles in various colors like purple ankle socks or colourful ankle socks or crew style ankle socks.

Reason #3: Cost

It can be difficult or impossible to find the perfect socks on a budget, but with a subscription you never have to worry about running out of fun and colorful socks. And let's face it, we all need more socks in our lives. With just one pair per month, you'll be set for 12 months! Plus, there are some great offers for free shipping when you subscribe for three or six months.

Choose your color preference and get ready to brighten up your days with new socks every month!

Reason #4: Unbiased Reviews

Philosophy has a team of sock-loving experts who review every pair in our subscription boxes. These reviewers work for Philosophy and are not compensated for their reviews. That means they will give you an honest review, not just five stars because they are getting paid. The team is made up of over two dozen people with varying tastes, sizes, and ages. They wear socks every day and have a plethora of experience in dressing themselves well and matching clothes. They love socks! When you subscribe to Philosophy, your socks will be reviewed by an expert in men's dress socks or fun colorful ankle socks or cool colored crew socks who will tell you what color matches your outfit best or which type of material is right for your lifestyle or what cut might fit best on your foot shape.

Reason #5: End-of-Year Statistics