5 Reasons You Need to Sign Up for Philosockphy's Sock of the Month Subscription

5 Reasons You Need to Sign Up for Philosockphy's sock of the month Subscription

Socks are an important part of any outfit, whether you’re going to the office or enjoying some free time at home with your family. But if you’re not careful, you might end up with a bunch of mismatched socks in your drawer or sock drawers—the worst! That’s where Philosockphy comes in. Their monthly subscription service will ensure you always have the right socks on hand, no matter what your style is or what kind of shoes you wear.


1) These socks make great gifts

Philosocksophy is a sock subscription service that will deliver new and exciting socks right to your door every month. We have a wide range of socks, including mens colorful ankle socks, mens colorful dress socks, and fun dress socks. Our sock subscriptions make the perfect gift! For example, if you know someone who loves crazy color dress socks like I do then this is a great option. If you need some more ideas check out our other blog posts on gift buying.


2) They are reasonably priced

Philosocksophy is a monthly sock subscription that sends out a new pair of awesome socks in the mail every month. And it's not just any old boring pair, but an awesome and fun pair like these colorful socks or maybe cool men's crew socks. Plus, they're reasonably priced - $12/month or $120/year which is less than what you would pay at a store for one single pair. For just one measly dollar more, you can get two pairs each month - so two pairs for $13/month or $132/year! What could be better than that?


3) The designs are creative and unique

Philosocksophy offers a monthly sock subscription service that delivers a pair of cool, unique and fun socks straight to your door.
Philosocksophy has socks that are perfect for men! They have awesome mens ankle socks, cool mens crew socks and other great styles.
The designs are all really creative so you know that your feet will be one-of-a-kind in these colorful and funky socks. And they have lots of different colors too! If you like black, blue or pink then they have that. All you need to do is decide which style is best for you!


4) You get an awesome assortment in each pack

If you're a guy who loves putting a little color in his wardrobe, you'll love Philosocksophy. We specialize in fun socks for men and colorful socks for men that are perfect for adding a bit of personality to your outfit. The best part about our monthly sock subscription is that it comes with seven different pairs! You get an awesome assortment in each pack and there are so many styles to choose from. Whether you want some cool mens socks or just want some funky ankle socks, we've got you covered!


5) Free shipping

Philosockphy is proud to offer free shipping on all orders in Canada and the United States. If you're outside of these countries, we will ship your order via USPS First Class International Mail which comes with a tracking number.
We do our best to ship within 24 hours and often times, it takes less than that! All items are made-to-order and will take 1-2 days before they are shipped out.