5 Reasons You Need a Sock Subscription in Your Life

How many times have you lost your favorite pair of socks? You can’t find it anywhere, so you throw it out. In fact, you’re in the market to buy some new socks, but how do you know which brand and style to choose? Why not use a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock subscription service to solve all your sock needs? A Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock subscription will send you high-quality socks on the regular, so that you always have new pairs when the old ones wear out or get misplaced.

#1 – The Perfect Fit

Finding the perfect fit can be difficult, especially when it comes to socks. There are plenty of brands out there that offer no show socks, but you’ve got to be careful and make sure they fit your style and your feet. The best way to find the perfect no show sock for you is with a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock subscription service like Philosockphy!

At Philosockphy, we offer four different levels of subscriptions: Starter Pack (1-2 pairs per month), Basic Pack (3-4 pairs per month), Pro Pack (6-8 pairs per month) or Premium Pack (12+ pairs per month). And with our introductory pricing, you can get started for just $9/month!

#2 – They are ALWAYS clean

You may be thinking, But what about when I go to the gym? Won't I be reeking of sweat? Well, you're not alone! We get that question all the time and it's understandable. But we are here to tell you: no show socks work for this scenario too! In fact, they work for so many different scenarios. Plus, with a Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock subscription service like Philosockphy, your socks will always be clean and ready for you.

-If you're at the gym and need to switch up your clothes but don't have time to shower before going out (or don't want to) - slip on some clean no show socks while heading out the door and they'll absorb any lingering sweatiness that may exist on your feet.

#3 – Super Luxurious Materials

Materials are another thing to consider when looking for the perfect no show socks. If you want to get the absolute best of the best, you’ll need to invest in some pricier materials. These luxe materials can include silk, cashmere or even merino wool. They might be expensive but they’re worth it if you have the budget for them and love feeling like royalty when your feet are warm and cozy.

#4 – Matching Sets Are Fun!

One of my favorite things about Philosockphy.com/collections/socks-club">sock subscriptions is the fun little surprises. With each shipment, you get six pairs of socks and one pair is always an extra surprise. I've gotten everything from socks with cat faces to ones that say shoe on them. Plus, they're all different colors and patterns so it never gets boring!

#5 – Anti-Slip Grip Soles

Anti-slip grip soles are an excellent innovation that has become more and more popular. The grip on the bottom of the sock is significantly better than the grip you get from other socks, and they allow you to wear shoes without worrying about your feet slipping. In addition to being grippy, anti-slip socks are also very thin, so they don't add any extra bulk to your shoe or foot. This makes them perfect for wearing with dress shoes that have a thin sole or if you want to wear tight-fitting athletic shoes.