5 Reasons You Absolutely Need a Sock of the Month Subscription

5 Reasons You Absolutely Need a sock of the month Subscription

One of the most under-appreciated products out there are socks, but it’s time to change that! Thanks to companies like Bombas and Socksof the Month, you can get socks delivered right to your door every month or quarter, with themes ranging from travel-inspired to themed on cool places like San Francisco and New York City. Here are five reasons you should sign up today for one of these sock of the month subscriptions!

1) Socks are great conversation starters

While they might not be as exciting as, say, an office chair or even a stapler, socks are cool and fun to talk about. Just ask around your office—see how many people you can talk into sharing their sock preferences with you. We bet you’ll find some cool (and maybe some comfy) socks in that mix! How often have you and your friends talked about finding cool socks? If it’s never happened, then there’s no better time than now to try out a sock of the month subscription service.

2) There's sock for every occasion

Not only can socks help show off your personality and style, but they're also ideal for keeping your feet warm and comfy in every season. And when it comes to sock subscriptions, there's definitely one out there that suits you! In fact, you can find socks for any occasion at ClubSocks.club -including exciting new sock launches, fun holiday designs and cheeky graphic tees. Each month includes two pairs of unique socks that are carefully curated by our team to ensure each style is totally on-trend! If you're looking for something fun and fresh to brighten up your daily routine – or want an awesome gift idea – sign up for a sock subscription today. Do your feet (and everyone around you) a favor by joining ClubSocks.club today!

3) Changing up your look can be as easy as slipping on a pair of socks

just for fun, for a theme party, or as part of your daily wear-to-work wardrobe. A sock subscription service is one way to get fresh and exciting styles in your mailbox each month: you’ll have something to look forward to (aside from those work deadlines) and it can give you an excuse to splurge on that new pair of shoes. But there are even more reasons why you need a sock subscription service in your life...

4) You'll find yourself looking down at your feet more often

If you like cool socks, one thing you'll notice when starting up your sock of the month subscription is that you'll start to catch yourself looking down at your feet more often. That's because you're going to have so many great options to choose from—and it might feel like an eternity every time you pick out what socks to wear. But who cares? Your feet will look great with any choice, and honestly, who doesn't want that? Think about it: all those times you felt self-conscious about having weird toes or simply not liking your legs—all that changes when wearing cool socks! Suddenly, your legs don't seem quite as strange (if at all), and there isn't anything weird about your feet anymore.

5) Personalized socks make a great gift idea.

Getting a monthly subscription that sends you a new pair of socks every month, is an excellent way to stay stylish and get rid of those old, frayed pairs that have been in your drawer for years. If you’re looking for gift ideas for friends or family, consider gifting them with a sock subscription—not only will they appreciate something new and unique, but they’ll also thank you every time they slip on their favorite pair! This is even more effective if your recipient loves spending time at home and chilling out with their feet up; you can bet they’ll wear these socks all winter long! There are endless options available, so why not spoil someone special?