5 Reasons Why You Should Start a Sock of the Month Subscription

5 Reasons Why You Should Start a sock of the month Subscription

sock of the month subscriptions are becoming more and more popular, especially among men, but women love them too! A sock of the month subscription allows you to get unique socks every month. These can be as simple as plain black dress socks, or they can be colorful and fun socks like those in the photo above! Here are five reasons why you should consider starting your own sock of the month subscription club!

First, What Are 'Socks of the Month'?

A sock of the month subscription is basically a pair of socks delivered to your door every month. The fun part? They’re usually high-quality, one-of-kind socks that aren’t available for purchase anywhere else! Here are five reasons why you should start (or gift) your own sock subscription

Second, How Do I Pick The Best Sock Subscription?

This can be tricky, but it is fairly easy if you take into account our last point. Look for sock subscriptions that aren’t just cool socks. This makes no sense, right? How are awesome socks suddenly uncool? Well, as cool as they may be - they're not what we mean here. We want to know who you're buying your socks from and why. There are so many places now that sell good quality socks - like Jerzees or Carhartt. But when you choose to go with someone like that, then you need to dig in even deeper and ask yourself: What material are these socks made out of? For example, when buying Carhartt socks, are they mostly cotton or mostly polyester? Do these things matter to you?

Third, Some Cool (And Not So Cool) Options Available

Here are some cool sock subscription ideas for every style. Not all of these have been reviewed, so you might want to dig deeper before signing up, but it’s hard to find any real dirt on them online. Also, I’ve tried to provide a general price range (from least expensive to most expensive) based on what I could find. Click on each name below if you want more information or want to sign up

Fourth, How Long Does it Take to Get My First Pair?

Choosing a sock of the month company is simple and affordable, but you’ll have to wait for your first pair. This can be frustrating if you have an itch to start wearing awesome socks right away. With some services, it could take two months or more for your first pair to arrive. Understandably, there’s a strong urge to buy some cool socks immediately; resist that urge and go with a subscription service instead. Chances are, it will be worth your while in both quality and savings!

Fifth, Additional Considerations When Selecting A Monthly Socks Service

You may already be in love with your socks. But, if you aren’t (yet), sock-of-the-month clubs can provide you with an opportunity to expand your sock knowledge and gain new appreciation for something that probably seems pretty mundane—namely, your favorite pair of socks. With these services, it’s easy to discover new hues and materials; there are even options that allow you to mix up your style in fun ways. For example, one box may feature knee-high socks and another could include crew length pairs. If you feel like switching things up each month—or if you need a gift for someone who values variety over sameness—look into a monthly sock subscription service. Or, if all else fails: Buy cool socks!