5 Reasons Why A Sock Subscription Would Make A Great Gift

A sock subscription makes the perfect gift for anyone who has it all, but you’re still stumped on what to get them? Here are five reasons why a sock of the month club would make the perfect cozy gift, from birthdays to Christmas, it is one of the most versatile and popular gift options on the market.

1. Something Everyone Needs

We all wear socks, and there’s a high probability that most of us could use a few more. That’s why a sock subscription is such an excellent idea for anyone on your gift list. It might not be something they specifically asked for, but they’ll probably appreciate it all the same! With so many colors and patterns to choose from, there’s sure to be a pair that your loved one will love!

2. Something Personal

If you want a gift that’s a little more personal, a sock subscription is a great choice. A new pair of colorful socks every month is a fun and practical gift for any guy or gal on your list. And who doesn’t love getting mail? With a pair arriving every month, you'll surely be on their mind!

3. Last Minute Gift Option

If you’re pressed for time, socks are a great last-minute gift option. They’re not flashy, but they are useful and appreciated by most. If you don’t have time to search around or have a hard time choosing between colors and designs, that difficult task would be handled for you!

4. It has value

How many gifts have you received that provides little value or practicality to you? Who wants to give their friends something they’ll only use once or twice? Gifting socks provides value for the recipient because it is surely something they will wear many times.

5. Appropriate For All Occasions

The thing about giving socks as a gift is that they’re appropriate for all occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, Father’s Day or Mother's Day, wedding gifts or holiday season, colorful socks are appropriate for all occasions. There is no wonder why socks have gained so much popularity in the past years as a gift choice as it is so versatile!

6. Affordable

Everyone wants a gift that will have a big impact, but not everyone has a huge budget. With a sock subscription, you can give someone great-looking socks that they’ll love and want to wear every day—but with a price tag that won’t burn too much of a hole in your wallet. It is an affordable way to share a gift with someone special, and depending on which subscription you choose, they could be gifted every month for a whole year!

With so many reasons to gift a sock subscription to that special someone, there are many options to choose from when it comes to online shopping. One of my preferred sock stores is no doubt Philosockphy. They offer many option plans when it comes to subscription, and I receive fresh and bright socks every month. Be sure to check them out at philosockphy.com and on Amazon prime! Happy gifting!