5 Reasons to Get a Sock Subscription


A sock subscription sounds like the most uneventful thing in the world—until you have to go without them! If you’re looking to mix up your monthly shoe-and-underwear lineup, a sock subscription could be the perfect way to do so. Here are five reasons you need a sock subscription in your life, whether it’s from an online retailer or one of those sock bars popping up all over the place lately!


#1: Variety

Variety is the spice of life and there's no better way to spice up your life than with cool socks. With many different styles, colors and designs, you'll never be bored wearing the same old socks again. You can wear fun dress socks to work or crazy color dress socks with sneakers on the weekend. Whatever you're doing and wherever you're going, Huckleberry has got your back.
#2: Comfort (eight sentences)]
You deserve comfort in all aspects of life, including your sock drawer. The best sock subscription will give you some of the softest fabric that will feel like it was custom made for your feet.


#2: Affordable

Mens colorful socks are affordable and can be purchased in bulk. Many sock subscriptions offer packages at discounted prices if you sign up for more than one month. There are also some great deals available on Amazon that help make the purchase of a mens ankle socks much more affordable. A wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles can be found for very reasonable prices


#3: Durability

Socks may not seem like they have much purpose, but they are one of the most important pieces of clothing in your wardrobe. They keep your feet warm and comfortable, absorb sweat, and protect your toes from rubbing together. Plus, if you wear them with shoes that rub or cause blisters, they can cushion your skin from any friction. So why should you spend more money on socks? Because if you buy cheap socks, chances are that you'll need to replace them after just a few wears because they will rip or tear easily.
You don't want dirty socks sitting at the bottom of your laundry pile for weeks because it will eventually start to smell bad and make the rest of your clothes smell bad too.


#4: Speed

The speed is the biggest reason to sign up for a sock subscription. Not only does it get your socks to you faster than any other method, but it also saves you from having to make the trip out shopping for them. Just take a look at some of the time savings:
1) If you live in Canada and order your socks from Amazon, they'll arrive in 3-6 days with free shipping.
2) If you live in America and order your socks from Target, they'll ship right away, but will take 7-10 days.
3) If you want priority international service (which means they're coming all the way from England), that will cost $13 and take 5-8 days.


#5: Perfect Gift Idea

What better way to show someone you care than giving them an awesome sock subscription? For men, you can't go wrong with fun socks for men or cool mens socks. But if you are looking for something more practical, then check out our range of best crew socks and best sock of the month club.