5 Of The Best Sock Subscriptions

5 Of The Best Sock Subscriptions

How many socks does your sock drawer need? If you’re like most people, probably more than you have! That’s where sock subscriptions come in. Each month you’ll receive a new pair of unique and fun socks to add to your collection. Here are 5 of the best sock subscriptions for men to help keep your feet extra happy this winter!

Backpacker Booty

The monthly sock subscription service that specializes in carrying unique and uncommon socks from around the world. This includes boutique and limited edition socks from brands like HUF, Stance, Etnies, and RCS.


Ink Society

With so many sock subscription services available, it can be hard to figure out which one to choose. If you’re looking for fun, fashionable and comfortable socks that are sure to impress, check out Ink Society . With Ink Society , you have options. Choose between three subscription plans: basics for $29/month (4 pairs of socks), original art for $38/month (4 pairs of socks) or premium art for $48/month (8 pairs of socks). If you prefer a surprise but don’t want just any old pair of funky socks, consider joining their Surprise Me! plan for just $10 more per month.

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If you want to find some cool socks, try a sock subscription service. There are tons of these services popping up now, which means there’s more variety than ever and better odds that you’ll get something you like. My two favorites are Happy Socks and Bombas; both brands offer subscriptions for men and women (check out my reviews on them here). If those don’t float your boat, remember that subscription services exist in other categories too! Want wine delivered to your door? Try Naked Wines. Aspiring to learn something new? Skillshare or SkillPop can be good places to start. Or maybe board games is more your thing – you can play a few months worth of turns with a Board Game of the Month membership!

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True Worth Co. is a new sock subscription service that offers guys 3 pairs of quality socks for $15/month, but most importantly allows them to send socks to homeless shelters. This is a great option for guys who are looking for fun and cool socks with a charitable twist! True Worth Co. makes a good choice if you like high-quality socks at an affordable price. I would also recommend checking out Loyal Strides, another sock subscription service (without charitable giving) that offers 4 pairs of quality socks for $12/month: Loyal Strides, which has been around since 2012, offers a wider variety of styles and colors than True Worth Co., making it perfect for those looking to expand their sock collection without paying more than they have to.