5 Innovative Ways to Fold Your Socks

5 Innovative Ways to Fold Your Socks

Anyone who has ever received a sock subscription knows that having your socks sent to you every month can be great. But have you ever considered folding them? It may sound silly, but there are actually plenty of ways to fold your socks that not only make them look great, but also make them easier to carry in bags and clothes drawers. This list of five innovative ways to fold your socks will show you just how easy it can be to keep your socks organized and looking great wherever they go.

Folding socks into triangles

Now we all know that socks should be washed after every use. But, if you’re anything like me, it can be a challenge to remember which ones have been worn or not. The solution? Folding them into triangles! This will ensure that your clean socks are kept separate from any socks you’ve worn and they’ll take up significantly less space in your drawers. Simply place your freshly washed and dried sock into a triangle shape and place it on top of other pair(s) of folded socks. You’ll easily be able to tell which pair is new! In fact, when I’m at my grandparents house for Christmas I can always figure out which pairs I left behind by spotting their unique packaging!

Folding socks into footballs

Sure, you could just fold your socks. But why not try something different? Take all of your socks and ball them up together, then throw them into a large laundry bag or container. If you have a lot of socks, ask a friend or family member for help! Then take each sock and slip it into an empty hosiery box or tube sock. You'll be surprised by how many pairs you can fit in one package! You can buy these boxes at any major department store like Kohl's, JCPenney, Target and others—or you can pick up some discounted ones online at sites like Amazon or Overstock. Not only do they help keep socks organized (and hidden!), but they're also pretty cool looking!

Folding socks into boxes

It’s quite common for people who don’t know about sock folding techniques to throw their socks in a drawer and treat them as just another item of clothing. However, you should never do that with your socks because if you do, you might find yourself having a difficult time trying to pick one when they are all folded into each other! That is why it is essential that you fold your socks using special techniques so that they don’t become tangled up with each other. Here are five great ways to fold your socks without getting them tangled or wrinkled: 1) Box Method: This method involves rolling your socks into squares and stacking them together.

Rolled sock method

Tie one end of a regular-sized sock into a knot (you don't have to be fancy about it). Fill with socks. Roll up like you would a sleeping bag. Voilà! You've got five socks neatly packed and ready for laundry day. The secret is that there are so many layers of fabric, nothing can get tangled or squished. Bonus: It's a great way to use any socks with holes in them you're trying to avoid getting rid of just yet!

Packing flat with no creases

There’s no reason for a pack of wrinkled socks. When you need to put your clean, folded socks in your suitcase or gym bag, keep them flat and wrinkle-free by placing an item of clothing on top of them before zipping it up. If you’re putting them in a drawer, make sure they’re stacked neatly and use tissue paper between each pair. You can also try rolling your socks instead of folding them—this will save space, but be sure to roll them from one end only so they don’t lose their shape.