5 Ideas for Folding Your Socks

5 Ideas for Folding Your Socks

When it comes to socks, simplicity is key. There’s no need to spend hours folding your socks into origami shapes or color-coordinating them by their day of the week, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun with them either! Here are five great ways to fold your socks, from the truly practical and organizational to the wildly creative and artistic. Which one will you try first?

1) Philosockphy

You don’t have to be a mathematician to see that socks are a pain in your daily life. Every morning you go through four or five pairs, pulling and tugging and hoping they look right when you get to work. It’s not a very elegant routine, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t better ways. Try building your own system; it doesn’t have to be perfect or super-complicated – just make sure it works for you, whatever that means. Then make sure you stick with it and practice every day! (Plus, who knows? Maybe someday others will build sock subscription businesses around your method!)

2) The sock of the month Club

If you don’t want to deal with wrinkly socks, but you can’t be bothered to fold them, consider doing what hundreds of thousands of people do every month—join a sock of the month club. These clubs will send you an assortment of socks each month (and sometimes other pieces of clothing like undershirts and underwear) so that your dresser drawers are never without clean socks. Best part? They send them straight to your door! Sign up for a sock subscription service like Stance or Bombas, and you never have to think about sorting your socks again. You just toss them in a drawer and let your sock subscription take care of it!

3) Hempminder

Sock subscriptions are one great way to make sure you're wearing fresh socks every day—you don't have to worry about packing them, and they're easily accessible when you want to change your pair. Hempminder sells three-packs of socks (and underwear, too) that are eco-friendly and made in America. Their subscription service delivers new socks to your door monthly—whether you need 3 pairs or 36 pairs is up to you. What's more, if you subscribe between now and September 1st, use code CITRIS10 and get 10% off your first order!

4) Wonderwash

Philosophy sock subscriptions take one small thing in your life and organize it into a subscription box. That way, you can wonderwash your socks without wondering how to fold them. By subscribing to a philosophy sock of the month club, you'll get an expertly folded pair of socks shipped right to your door every month—just like Netflix! Without all that messy buffering! If you don't want to spend hours wondering what socks go with what outfit, or if you find yourself always trying on your shoes before folding them up; then worry no more! Try a philosophical approach and let these philosopher-sock-ologists deliver quality shanks right to your door. What do they have in store? It's only socks!

5) Fluff Socks

While not exactly an idea, doing a bit of light fluffing can help to create more space in your sock drawer. Over time, socks can become wrinkled and musty, making them less comfortable and more difficult to keep organized. An extra 10 seconds spent smoothing out your socks will make them look and feel better, plus prevent any odor problems down the line. (And if you're really dedicated—or a little crazy—you could start a sock of the month club with family or friends).