5 Ideas for Folding Your Socks

5 Ideas for Folding Your Socks

When it comes to socks, simplicity is key. There’s no need to spend hours folding your socks into origami shapes or color-coordinating them by their day of the week, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have any fun with them either! Here are five great ways to fold your socks, from the truly practical and organizational to the wildly creative and artistic. Which one will you try first?

1) The Philosockphy

There are plenty of good reasons to subscribe to a sock-of-the-month club, but one of our favorites is that it gives you a reason to spend some quality time with your clothes. People tend to toss their socks onto their bedroom floor at night, leaving them piled and tangled on top of each other. A sock subscription can help you turn things around by reminding you that there’s an order to things (namely folding). Organized socks are easier to find—not only in your closet but also when you go rummaging through laundry hampers and hamper nooks looking for missing pairs.

2) The Roll

You may have seen people use a sock roll as an organizational tool. It’s not just stylish, it can actually help keep your socks in place and make them easier to find at a glance. Of course, you don’t have to stick with plain white socks or even socks—you can use a sock roll to hold just about anything you want. The best part is that you won’t need any fancy tools or expensive equipment; just grab some socks and start rolling. The simplest method involves folding each sock in half lengthwise and rolling from toe to heel, but there are plenty of other styles out there; check out some videos online for inspiration!

3) The Twist

This is a method from The Philosockphy of socks by Andrea Novack. It takes up less room and seems like it would be easier to do. I think some people would be interested in a new way to fold their socks that can save space and they haven't thought of before. In fact, I just tried it myself and now I will only fold my socks that way! This idea is one that could grow into a product such as socks subscriptions where someone else does your sock folding every month which not only folds them but also organizes them which makes unpacking so much easier after vacation!

4) The Zigzag

This easy method keeps your socks from ever falling into a tangle and it can be used to store multiple pairs. If you need more of a challenge, get some novelty socks and try the arrow fold. Be sure to check out our favorite sock subscriptions as well; we’re obsessed with sock of the month clubs here at Philosophy! Need a great gag gift or just want some fun new kicks? Check out our philosophy-themed collection of novelty socks. The socks are always fun and fresh—you won’t even notice that they don’t match!

5) The Jogger

For some, having a unique sock is worth a small amount of discomfort when they're jogging. This might not be a common complaint, but one way to solve it if you're bothered by your socks' tendency to slide around when you exercise is to try out The Jogger, which has its own built-in elastic band. Simply put it on like any other sock and then cross your ankles, wrap them together with The Jogger over top, and leave it at that. You'll have an extra layer of protection from slipping without losing any breathability or comfort.