5 Ideas for Folding Your Socks

5 Ideas for Folding Your Socks

After you’ve spent your hard-earned money on a great pair of socks, you want to make sure they last as long as possible and that they stay looking their best. Here are five great ways to fold your socks so they stay wrinkle-free, fresh smelling, and beautiful all year long! The right method depends on what kind of socks you have and how thick the material is, but in each case you should be folding along the inside edge of the sock, not the outside edge where the toes are and will sit when you wear them.

1) The Double Overhand Roll

This is a simple and quick method that works great if you want to roll up several pairs of socks at once. To do it, lay out your socks in a row. Fold one sock in half so its top edge is aligned with the bottom edge of another sock. Starting at one end, roll both socks together until they're completely wrapped around each other. Make sure to pull them as tightly as possible to avoid loose folds.

2) The True Horseshoe

If you’re tired of your socks bunching up at the top, try a true horseshoe fold. Start by pairing two like socks (two medium-size black pairs, for example). Lay one sock on a flat surface and pull it so that its heel is fully exposed. Resting atop that sock will be another just like it. Place your second sock on top of that one and pull it down to match up with where you started. Be sure both heels are lined up perfectly before moving on. Now take each side in turn and fold them into thirds lengthwise so they meet in center of sock—just as you would if you were folding a letter to fit inside an envelope.

3) The Accordion Fold

It’s quick and easy, and makes it clear where each sock begins and ends. To make an accordion fold, start with a sock that’s laid out straight on your desk (or floor). Fold one side of the sock in toward you to form a crease; then take that folded part and fold it back over itself. Repeat on other side to complete your accordion fold. This is another way you can use multiple hangers in your closet—it saves space by folding each pair of socks together!

4) The Basic Interlock

Interlocking your socks reduces bulkiness and makes them easier to stack. This method also makes them more likely to stay matched up; you’ll never be caught wearing a pair of unmatched socks again! To create an interlock, lay one sock flat on a surface. Align its heel with its partner’s toe, then lay that second sock overtop it. Flip it over so that its heel aligns with its partner’s toe and continue doing so until you have one large rectangle of fabric. Turn your new sock rectangle inside out, pushing each section flat against your work surface as you go.

5) The Twist and Pinch

This simple fold is probably already your go-to; it’s just about as basic as it gets. Simply fold your sock in half and twist each end like you would with a shirt (they’ll be facing opposite directions). You can even just pinch one side of your folded sock to make sure you don’t get any folds. The beauty of using such a simple folding method is that it saves room in your drawers while still preserving shape. It also won’t damage any heel or toe seams, either. This method is best for socks with little stretch and thinner fabrics.