5 Hacks to Style Socks with Any Outfit

5 Hacks to Style Socks with Any Outfit

How many times have you seen someone pull out their socks and say Ugh, I hate these socks! There are few things more disappointing than putting on your favorite outfit and realizing that your socks are at odds with the rest of your look. If you’re tired of ruining those comfy shoes you keep kicking to the back of your closet, check out these five hacks to style socks with any outfit.

1) Wear black socks and colorful pants

Mixing black socks with colorful pants might seem like a fashion faux pas, but if you choose your socks wisely, it can actually look quite dapper. If you're looking for trendy patterns and bold colors, start by browsing Philosockphy. They offer interesting sock subscriptions that provide socks of all shapes and sizes (long and short), printed in eye-catching patterns. Some of their subscription packages even come with other giftable accessories, such as cufflinks or belts! Take advantage of their deals on holiday sock packages - who wouldn't want to receive gifts that have fun winter icons on them?

2) Get a sock subscription

If you’re tired of picking out your socks on a daily basis, consider getting a sock subscription. Philosockphy will ship you four new pairs of fresh socks every month; you can choose from basic styles and fun patterns, including your favorite character. Sign up by January 31 and get 20% off at check out!

3) Match your socks to your outfit, don't blend them in

When you go for a sock subscription, you'll quickly realize there are tons of colors and patterns out there. The hardest part is finding socks that look good and match your wardrobe. Since many businesses offer free samples, use them to test-drive a few socks before committing. Pairing socks that don't match will not only be distracting but can also look sloppy if you're going for a more formal look or maybe even like your toes might get cold. If you decide on a particular color scheme, stick with it in all your shoe and sock combinations—no matter how many articles of clothing have changed in between!

4) Accessorize With Socks

The truth is, most of us have accessorized a look, whether we realized it or not. But if you want to be stylish all day long, you need more than a hat and some glasses. (Unless your glasses are awesome and stylish in their own right.) Take some of these steps and combine them in fun ways! These hacks will help you harness sock power in your outfits and rock them all day long! You can even sign up for Philosockphy's monthly sock-of-the-month club for added sartorial awesomeness.

5) Go wild!

Have fun with your socks and treat them like an accessory. You can always match them to your outfit, or go wild! Who says they have to match? Toss on a colorful pair of socks that doesn’t quite go with anything. Give it a purposeful look and call it Philosockphy—it’s about dressing for you, not for anyone else! If you are getting cold feet about choosing such daring sock combinations, sign up for a sock of the month service. There is nothing better than unwrapping new socks every month. And since there are lots of great options for men's sock subscriptions, we'd recommend signing up before trying all these different styles on your own.