5 Hacks to Style Socks with Any Outfit

5 Hacks to Style Socks with Any Outfit

How many times have you seen someone pull out their socks and say Ugh, I hate these socks! There are few things more disappointing than putting on your favorite outfit and realizing that your socks are at odds with the rest of your look. If you’re tired of ruining those comfy shoes you keep kicking to the back of your closet, check out these five hacks to style socks with any outfit.

1) The sock of the month Subscription

If you have trouble picking out matching socks, a sock of the month subscription could be just what you need. The concept is simple: Each month, your package arrives with a new pair of fun socks from your favorite brand—think Stance and Bombas—you love that you’ll actually wear. Not only do these subscriptions save you time but it also saves you money as opposed to purchasing an entire new sock collection every few months. If sock subscriptions aren’t for you, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them into your wardrobe without breaking the bank. Here are five hacks on how

2) Match Socks With Shoes, Not Clothes

Invest in a few basic pairs of men’s socks and don’t think about it again. Instead, focus on finding shoes that match your sock. For example, go for lace-ups or boots in blacks and browns. If you feel like rocking some patterns, do so under your pants or even your shirt so they can be hidden. It’s one of those hacks that works far better than you may realize—and will save you lots of money by giving you more freedom over how much socks are going to cost you each month. Subscribe: Many stores and brands have started up sock subscriptions that let customers sign up for a monthly (or sometimes bi-monthly) box of tailored socks delivered straight to their doorsteps.

3) Know Your Colors

To complement any outfit and ensure that your socks (and feet) look great, you need to be familiar with some color basics. If you’re not sure what goes well together, color theory can help. To learn about primary colors, secondaries, and tertiaries, check out our guide: How to Use Color Theory for Fashion. For now though, just remember that red always looks best when paired with its opposite on the color wheel (green), or earth tones like browns and tans. Next up are neutrals like black and white—and don’t forget gray too!

4) Update Old Tired Basics

Philosockphy your old tired basics! We all have a few outfits we rely on when things get crazy (like work emergencies, unexpected dinner plans, and impromptu houseguests). But these predictable go-tos are boring! Your sock drawer is not immune to Philosockphy. Update old, worn out socks by adding something unexpected. Here are some ideas for taking your favorite socks from dud to dynamo: - Throw on some fun socks under a little black dress or pair of heels - Dress up a nice shirt and jeans by pairing it with colorful ankle socks - Keep an extra pair of slippers in case your friends forget theirs - Put on some colorful argyle ankle socks before you hit that red carpet event

5) Be Creative!

Remember those sock-of-the-month subscriptions you had as a kid? Now, they’re back—and they’re not just for socks. Check out sites like Philosockphy and Foot Cardigan that allow you to get designer, interesting socks delivered right to your door every month (or every other month). Subscriptions are also great if you have a hard time making choices; instead of trying to decide what pair of socks looks best, it’s already done for you. You can also use subscription services for other accessories or clothing; one site even allows men who need dress shirts or women who need blouses to sign up for automated delivery.