5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks of the Month


Folding socks can be a bit of a chore, especially if you have to do it every time you put them away, but with the right technique, you can not only fold your socks faster, but also be able to fit more pairs of socks in one drawer than ever before. If you want to know how to fold your socks of the month, just follow these five great tips below!


Fold #1: The Flip

The Flip is a simple, two-step process. First, turn your socks inside out so that the toes are pointing down and the heel is on top. Then, fold your sock in half from toe to heel, with one leg on each side. This should create a fold that mirrors its original shape. Next, flip your socks over again so that they are right side out and place them in a drawer or on top of each other. This will keep them neat and organized for when you need them next!


Fold #2: Easy Origami

The simplicity of folding a sock is what makes it so much fun. You don't need any fancy tricks or skills to fold a sock like an origami swan, you just need two hands and a clean sock. This simple fold will get rid of that crease in the toe and make your socks look brand new!
1. Start with a clean, dry sock and lay it flat on your table. Make sure that you're working with one sock at a time so that the other one stays clean and ready for wear!
2. Fold over one side of the top cuff, creating 1/4th of a tube, about halfway down from where you started
3. Roll up this side as tightly as possible


Fold #3: Folding Halfway

This style is great for people who want their socks folded in a more formal way. It's also great for socks that may not be as thick, like dress socks.
1. Make a small fold at the top of your sock where it comes off your foot. 2. Fold it halfway over itself and crease with your fingers to make sure it's even on both sides. 3.


Fold #4: Basic Roll

The Basic Roll is a straightforward and effective way to fold your socks. When you're folding, it's important to keep the socks' original shape. This will help ensure that they don't bunch up inside your drawer or get twisted around each other. To create a Basic Roll, start by stacking your first sock on top of your second sock so that their toes are aligned. Then take one end of the first sock and loop it over its partner so that both socks are now nested inside each other like a pair of Russian dolls. Finally, take the bottom (un-looped) end and wrap it around both socks until it meets the top (looped) end on the opposite side.


Fold #5: Pinch and Roll

This sock folding technique is easy, and it's really satisfying when you see that neat pile of socks. You might be wondering why this particular way is called pinch and roll. To get started, fold your socks in half lengthwise and pinch them together at the bottom. Next, start rolling up your socks in a continuous motion until they are all neatly wrapped into a tight roll. This technique is also good for getting rid of pesky wrinkles in your socks too!