5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks of the Month


sock of the month clubs are great gift ideas, but did you ever wonder how to fold socks in such fun shapes? This fun and creative way to fold your socks will make it easier to store them and more fun to display them if you’re gifting them! These are five great ways to fold your socks of the month!


1) The Basic Sock Roll

The Basic Sock Roll is a great way to store your socks in a compact space. It's also simple and easy to do! To make a Basic Sock Roll, start by folding one sock in half and tucking it into the other sock. Next, continue rolling up both socks until they are tightly compressed. Finally, tie them together at the top with some string or ribbon for easy access later on.


2) The Casual Stacked Roll

The Casual Stacked Roll is a great way to store your socks. It's fast and easy, and you can usually do it in one hand. All you have to do is grab your sock from the toe, pull it over your heel and put it on top of the other sock. When you're done, sit back and admire all the neatly stacked socks! The Casual Stacked Roll is an especially good idea if you have a lot of ankle socks or other small socks that don't take up much space.


3) The Fancier Four Corner Roll

If you don't have a lot of time and want something simple, use this four-corner fold. It's quick, looks neat and tidy, and is easy to do with one hand. Start by folding the sock so that it's in half lengthwise. Next, fold it in half again from left to right. Now you should have a rectangle shape with three folds that are visible on both sides. Take one corner - either the left or right - and fold it over about a third of the way.


4) The Over Under

The Over Under is a sock subscription service. For just $3.99/month, you can get a new pair of socks every month--and they're all different! So far, I've gotten patterned socks, striped socks, and now these cool ankle socks that are both blue and purple. I'm looking forward to what my next pair will be!
My favorite thing about The Over Under is that you never know what you'll get--it's like opening presents on Christmas morning! It's also great because it saves time when I'm packing for trips-I have one less thing to pack now! And best of all: There's no risk if I don't like what I get.


5) The Cabled Roll

If you're looking for a way to fold your socks that's as fun and practical as it is effective, then look no further. The Cabled Roll, also known as the Zig-Zag Fold, is not only great for showing off your favorite funky socks, but it's also one of the most effective ways you can fold your socks. This method provides more room in between each sock so they don't get smooshed or damaged while being stored in your drawer or dresser. And best of all? It only takes one minute!