5 Great Ways to Fold Your Socks

How do you fold your socks? Is it by color? By height? Do you ball them up and shove them in your dresser drawer? It doesn’t matter how you personally prefer to roll ‘em, because at the end of the day, socks are about as exciting as underwear (no offense). However, if you have one of those sock-of-the-month subscriptions where cool new patterns get delivered to your door every month, then maybe it’s worth taking the time to roll ‘em properly.

How to fold dress socks
When it comes to dress socks, it's best not to roll them as doing so will lead to unsightly creases and wrinkles. Instead, try a basic four-step fold. These steps are also great for travel when you only want one pair of socks in your bag. We've broken down each step with photos below: 1. Turn your sock inside out (Steps 1 & 2). Place both socks flat side up on a surface so that they form an X. Start by turning one sock inside out while leaving the other outside. 2. Place both socks at opposite corners of each other (Step 3). Take one unturned sock and position it under its turned counterpart, forming an X shape. Both socks should be facing outward at two opposing sides of the 'X'. 3. Roll your socks diagonally toward each other (Step 4). With both socks placed at their respective ends of the 'X', begin rolling upward from left to right, or vice versa depending on which direction you chose to do Step 2. Be sure not to roll too tightly or else unwanted ridges may appear when your sock is next worn. 4. The final look! After you reach where you started, continue rolling until all excess material has been smoothed out. From here, simply place your socks back into any drawer! As long as these steps are followed correctly and consistently, your folded socks will keep their good looks throughout multiple washes.

How to fold athletic socks
Foot, knee or ankle? Athletic socks come in all different sizes and shapes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t fold them. There are several methods for folding your athletic socks. If you want to make your socks last longer, then follow these three great sock-folding tips. Let’s get started! The toe method is an easy way to ensure a clean look in your sock drawer without tangling up multiple pairs of socks. After taking off sweaty socks, lay them out on a flat surface in front of you with toes facing upward, as if they were lying on someone’s feet. Arrange each pair so that they lean against one another—toe end should be resting against toe end, heel end should be resting against heel end—and allow room between individual pairs so that none overlap each other. Then, fold them so that socks rest against the top of their respective pairs and are folded over themselves into neat little triangles. Next, take one sock from each pair (because we don’t want our clothes to clash!) and use it to cover two or three pairs at once. Simply grab a single sock from each group of two or three socks, making sure that no socks actually touch each other (we don’t want anyone else to see our mismatched socks!), then place those grouped pairs underneath your original set of folded socks. This extra layer will prevent any naked ankles below pants cuffs while also saving space by eliminating wrinkling. Using tennis balls: Throw away any elastic bands holding together multiple tube socks in your sock drawer and replace them with tennis balls instead!

How to fold no-show socks
No-show socks sit lower on your ankle and are often used in athletic shoes or winter boots. Here’s a simple way to fold no-show socks so they stay out of sight. Simply roll up your socks from toe to heel and tuck them into one another for easy storage. This method is particularly useful if you don’t have much space, as you can easily fit multiple pairs of rolled socks into one small place. Be sure not to stretch or pull too hard—you don’t want them coming apart at their seams! If these socks usually fall down inside your shoe, you can also try bending each sock back behind itself before rolling it up. When you insert it like that, it will likely naturally stay in place with gravity acting against it. If you plan to wear sneakers instead of boots while storing your folded socks, make sure to leave just enough room in your shoe so that you can slip them off without unrolling them first. Rolling socks up too tightly means they won’t hang right when worn outside of their original footwear, making them more likely to come undone.

How to fold knee high socks
Knee high socks can be difficult to store and a pain in the neck when you’re looking for them. These are some great tips for folding them neatly and storing them without taking up too much space. Folding knee high socks is also a good way of preventing them from losing their shape in your sock drawer. 7 Steps to Stack Your Socks Correctly: All socks don’t fit together, but here are 7 easy steps that will ensure that they stack correctly and last longer. 1) Start with clean socks! Yes, it sounds obvious, but how many of us really do? 2) Make sure that your lefts go with your lefts, and rights go with rights – no mix ups! 3) Put like socks into one pile. 4) Take each pair and fold down at ankle-level; make sure you leave plenty of extra sock outside to form a cuff - otherwise, it'll just look like two mismatched stockings! 5) Place next pair on top so that there's an even amount of overhang all around; if you've folded right socks on top of left socks, or vice versa, then they won't match when worn. 6) Roll as tightly as possible so that there's minimal empty sock at either end – more room for other pairs! 7) Repeat steps until your sock drawer is full (or almost full). Hopefully these simple tips help prevent any toe-curling moments from lost socks in future!

Cool and funky ways of folding your socks
So, you’ve got a sock drawer... how’s that working out for you? Chances are your socks aren’t sorted by color or grouped together in any other way. They probably get all twisted up and smooshed every time you try to pull them out—the coolest socks in your drawer might be at the bottom of a crumpled pile. It doesn’t have to be like that: With these cool tricks, we can help you master sock organization once and for all! Sock subscriptions (or just signing up for someone else’s): Another option is taking advantage of sock subscriptions services. Who says everything worth doing needs to be done yourself? There are a bunch of services now (like Blue Q) which allow you to take advantage of companies that send you monthly subscription packages containing unique socks. Once again—you don’t even need to search out new ways to fold your socks when they come already sorted with each delivery! Signing up for a sock of the month club can give you an endless supply of well-matched socks, without needing to do any legwork on your own. The socks will match perfectly since they were specifically chosen based on what goes best with each other.