5 Fun Ways to Style Socks with Any Outfit

5 fun ways to style socks with any outfit! It doesn’t matter if you’re getting ready for work, grabbing drinks with friends, or going out on the town. Socks are an easy and inexpensive way to add flair to your outfit, no matter what it is! To get you started on the right foot (pun intended!), here are 5 great ways to style socks with any outfit – all of which are sure to impress your friends! Read on...

1) Pair Your New Sock Subscription With Every Outfit
A fun subscription service, like Stance, will send you a different pair of socks every month in a variety of colors. These socks make a great gift for any guy (or girl) and are more stylish than regular socks. They’re also ideal if you want some new pairs of quality socks but don’t want to buy a whole bunch of pairs at once. As an added bonus, most sock subscriptions have unique designs you won’t find in stores! While they certainly aren’t required to wear your socks, they sure do look cool when worn correctly. So go ahead and try one; chances are it will be as much fun as you think! Plus, there’s always time to cancel or skip months, so if you receive socks that aren’t quite your style, consider giving them away as gifts or keeping them around just because they were once exciting to receive. The world of socks is ever-changing, after all—and growing ever larger—so subscribe today and update those wardrobe staples! In fact, you could even mix and match socks depending on how fashionable you feel each day. Just make sure they coordinate with whatever else you wear underneath your pants. After all, wearing mismatched undergarments might draw some unwanted attention...unless that’s what you’re going for! Your call!

2) Try Unique Patterns
We always think of socks as black, white, or some shade of blue. That’s cool, but have you ever wondered what it would be like to wear something other than these traditional hues? Now’s your chance. We’ve rounded up five unique patterned sock subscription boxes for you to try. These will add character and flair to any outfit and give you a little boost in confidence when you step out into town. Trust us – once you try socks outside of those basic colors, you won’t go back! And if you still prefer solid socks (we don’t blame ya!), we found lots more fun items that can complement any outfit all by themselves. Check them out below! What do they have in common? They can all pair beautifully with our women's black leather belt or men's brown leather belt . Why stop at just one bold accent piece though? You might want to also check out our newest 'How-To Style' video that shows how wearing multiple colors with taupe shoes can work surprisingly well. Believe it or not, taupe goes great with colorful socks! To show you how, watch below:
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3) Wear Them As Leg Warmers
Don’t think of socks as an accessory, but rather consider them an extension of your wardrobe. Leg warmers are a fun and fashionable way to wear socks if you want to add flair without wearing anything else. A pair of brightly colored knee-highs worn over jeans or leggings is guaranteed eye candy. When paired with boots, they can create a high fashion look that will have people doing double takes. Choose socks in colors that complement your outfits instead of distracting from them. Brightly colored leg warmers look amazing when paired with black booties and dark denim! You could also experiment with different sock lengths and weave patterns to complete your look. If you’re trying to craft a more subdued look, try pairing short socks with sandals for a fresh take on bohemian style. Be sure not to choose socks so bright that they draw attention away from other parts of your outfit, though—you want people looking at your outfit instead of all those crazy stripes on your legs! If bright socks aren’t for you, try mixing patterned socks for another classy alternative. Whether it’s pairing similar prints like houndstooth with plaid or combining striped socks with polka dots, bold sock combinations are absolutely stunning. They are especially great for adding a touch of class to casual looks like ripped denim and sneakers or sweaters and flats. If you want to step up your sock game even further (and don’t mind breaking out those big guns), get yourself some stockings!

4) Put Them Over Shoes
One of our favorite trends is also one of our simplest. Put on a pair of funky socks, preferably an unexpected color or pattern, and tuck them over your shoes. The playful effect is guaranteed to bring some fun into your outfit. And whether you’re dressed up or down, you can’t go wrong by pairing socks like these with a pair of casual sneakers—especially if it's sunny out! Tuck them over sandals for a fun way to spice up your summer look. (Trust us.) For work, put them over nice dress shoes (even loafers!) to stand out from all those black pumps. This style works year-round, so be sure to pack colorful socks when packing for trips in warmer months and cooler months alike; plus they'll ensure you don't arrive looking rumpled just because you forgot—or couldn't bear to part with—another neutral sock set. Shop our sock of the month Club to see all of our latest styles. Be sure to check back regularly, too: we always have great promotions going on! Free shipping available with every sock subscription, and if we can help you start any new subscriptions yourself, we'd love to do that too! Call 1-800-987-0323 today to place your order with a member of our team; keep scrolling below for more information about each product. Happy sock shopping! We at Stance firmly believe everyone deserves cool socks that are high quality but reasonably priced, which is why we're dedicated to offering you nothing but super soft and durable men's socks at a price that won't break your budget. That's why our small company has partnered with manufacturers around the world who share our vision of delivering excellent products at affordable prices.

5) Coordinate Colors
Coordinating your socks and shoes can be a good way to add visual interest and style to an outfit. It’s easy enough, too: Match cool socks with shoes of a complementary or contrasting color, or match warm socks with cool shoes. For example, wear blue jeans with brown dress shoes and liven things up by wearing burgundy argyle wool socks. Or wear light-colored sneakers and a burgundy argyle sock for contrast. Look out for socks that are made from fabrics such as silk and cashmere; they’ll hold their shape better than cotton will, so you won’t have to worry about bunching in your shoe. Looking for more ways to work socks into outfits? Watch out next month when we bring you 5 more fun sock styling ideas! P.S. If you’re looking for some unique socks that deserve a little spotlight all their own, check out our sock of the month club. It works like most other monthly subscriptions—you sign up once and every 30 days we send you something new and exciting to try out! We curate all kinds of socks, including high-end designs and men’s & women’s styles. Plus, we give back $1 per pair sold through our sock of the month program to Protect Our Winters (POW). So if you like what you see here on WBL today, click here to start getting more great socks sent straight to your door each month!